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  • Five Ways to Kick the Caffeine – Naturally!

    Can’t face the day until you’ve had your fix of caffeine?

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    Which Book Needs To Be Turned Into A Movie Immediately?

    Recommend any books you've read that you can't believe haven't had the film treatment yet.

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    What Do You Want To Know About Nutrition And Weight Loss?

    Like, how do you eat healthily if you're literally always hungry? Or can you drink alcohol if you're trying to lose weight?

  • Bipolar Disorder As Told By 'Silver Linings Playbook' GIFs

    Because mood disorders are more complicated than most people think... #ProudlyBipolar

  • Top 5 Online Photos Of Red Emerald Jewelry

    Gem-quality red beryl is so rare even finding two Red Emeralds faceted with the same size, color and clarity to make a pair is something like a miracle! They are also as small as pink diamonds -- the largest faceted stone 50 years after discovery weighed only 4.5 carats! Few jewelry pieces are ever created, photographed or shared digitally, but here are five outstanding online examples of Red Emerald treasures.

  • I Miss Michelle Obama Already.

    Can we bring her back? Please? #Michelle2020

  • The Undead: History, Legend, And Evolution

    A look at the creatures that have long immersed themselves into cultures and fueled superstitions.

  • Pick A House And We'll Tell You A Useless Disney Fact

    You will never use these but you know them now

  • Italian Collio Wine Zone

    Very nice post that includes the description of Italian Collio zone with the particularity of all types of vine there cultivated. A first part is introducing the principle nicest locations, in which we recomend to do a dedicated trip, and in a second part all the most important vines/wines are described. The post could be a good guide for whom is a wine tourist or for whom wants to buy a good bottle of wine for a special occasion.

  • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing

    If you love salads like I do, then you need to try this Mediterranean Chickpea Salad recipe. It is a variation of the tabbouleh salad and the difference is that I used chickpea instead of bulgur. Follow the video recipe and learn how to make chickpea salad at home.

  • Jaggery Pancake

    Pancakes are one of the most ideal breakfast recipes which are easy-to-make and delicious at the same time.

  • Chicken And Salsa Wrap

    Chicken and Salsa wrap is a delicious Mexican style snack recipe made from frozen sweet corn, salsa sauce, tortillas, lettuce and shredded chicken.


    30 Minute Asian Beef. Lean Beef, low fat savoury miso sauce with wild rice and veggies.

  • Greek And Spartan Costumes

    There is a tendency to view Sparta as a different entity from Greece. The reality is that it was very much a part of Greece, a military state to be precise. While Sparta has militaristic values, Athens was more democratic. These two societies were distinctly, if not vastly, different from each other concerning politics, outlook, and food. What about clothes then? For instance, were Greek costumes for men different from Spartan costumes? Or, were they similar, considering they were part of the same country. Let’s find out.

  • The World’s Top 3 VR Porn Sites

    The rise of technology has not only helped with improving efficiency in the delivery of services, but it also helped with increasing the enjoyability of porn. In case you are asking what VR is, VR is short for Virtual Reality. VR simulates an experience and transforms it to become an immersive multimedia experience. By wearing VR glasses, you can easily be sent into a realm of your own where everything you will watch will be in 3-D creating that real experience that seems as if you will be watching porn in real life. VR porn basically eliminates the screen and makes everything real. VR might seem intimidating from the outside because due to its sophisticated nature, most people would assume that having access to VR porn sites can be hard but that’s not true. There are a lot of quality VR porn sites that will help make your fantasies come true. Those guys at gathered some of the best vr porn sites out there and while we don't fully agree with their ranking, we might not know the world's best 3, which we show you below.

  • Five Ways To Manifest A Life You Love

    'How to practise Practical magic'

  • Your Dessert Choices Will Determine What Colour Prom Dress You Should Get

    Find out your ideal prom dress colour by simply choosing your favourite desserts!

  • Why Sri Lanka Should Be On Top Of Your Bucket-List? - Ayubowan From Sri Lanka, A Country Like No Other!

    Enjoy golden beaches, majestic elephants, misty mountains, giant whales and enjoy a sweet cup of tea with a warm smile while you are in the island paradise of Sri Lanka!

  • Rapiers – Swift And Deadly Weapons

    The rapier was faster and lighter than others swords in the Renaissance and very popular among civilians. It was a self-defense tool and a status symbol. However, rapiers were not the sleek tools that feature in celluloid. In many ways, they were just the slimmer, better-looking versions of the medieval swords that preceded them. Still, in the right hands, they were no less deadly. Today, you find several online outlets offering you the "finest" in period swords and weapons. It is easy to purchase something based on attractive images and finely written descriptions. Thus, undertake thorough research before buying these products. Of course, this is not to say that there are no online stores that deliver on their promises. For instance, the following are rapiers which are good on the eye and value for money.

  • Discovering The Millers Building – A Magnificent Time Capsule

    A renowned landmark and a historical monument, the Cargills Millers building stands amidst the bustling city of Colombo. A magnificent building of red and white bricks, the Millers building is a must see when in Colombo.

  • 5 Famous Historical Swords

    There is no definitive method to rank the effectiveness and importance of historical swords. There are hundreds that have shaped medieval and world history, so to pick a select few would be a disservice to those not mentioned. Thus, the following are five historic swords that may or may not have been the ultimate blade of their respective periods but which have, without any doubt, significantly influenced many a battle of years gone by. Read on...

  • W JaKich Butach Biegać?

    Zaczynasz biegać, to najważniejsze i pierwsze co powinieneś zrobić, to zakupić dobre buty do biegania. Buty to podstawa i na pewno zauważysz różnicę podczas biegania. Buty wybieramy w zależności od podbicia i to jest element kluczowy. Następnym istotnym elementem jest, rodzaj podłoża na jakim będziemy biegać. Jeżeli zamierzasz biegać po ulicy, chodniku, to buty będą charakteryzowały się elastycznością i lekkością. Natomiast buty przeznaczone do biegania po piasku i kamieniach, maja twarda podeszwą. Najlepiej jak przed rozpoczęciem biegania wybierzesz się do sklepu ze specjalistycznym obuwiem, tam otrzymasz fachową poradę.

  • One Sided Love: When They Wouldnt Love Us Back

    One sided love has been romanticized by love stories, songs and movies as something that hurts us but helps us to grow through the pain. The common notion is about one person unfailingly placing the object of his affection on a pedestal and putting their needs first over his/her own desires and happiness. When we watch movies we sympathize with the hero or heroine who has fallen in love with a person but their affections are not being reciprocated. It can also take a darker more ominous turn in the form of stalking, cyber crime, acid attacks and various other heinous crimes when the pursuer is unable to accept the rejection of the pursued.