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  • Accountability

    Accountability demands faith and acceptance in our existence, and our being able to understand that: we change, our environments change, or opinions change, our perspectives changes, our bodies change, our life changes; being accountable does not mean ceding control—though this would be constructive—it is simply a recognition that being right, or being wrong, is an illusion, and either will affect you only as much as the car you drive, or the clothes that you wear, or the job that you work.

  • collection

    What Toy Did You Never Get As A Kid And Still Regret No Getting?

    Two decades later and you're STILL upset your parents didn't buy you that Gameboy Color.

  • Answer These TV Show Trivia Questions And We'll Guess Your Age

    We'll try to guess your age based on your answers to these questions!!

  • 5 Ways To Repair And Fix Your Damaged Hair

    5 Ways To Repair And Fix Your Damaged Hair . Hair damage is obvious, especially when you try regular dye and straightening along with other styling to your hair. This is entirely difficult for your hair to grow and look better, but rather, they will keep on damaging. So, let us start the problems for the damaged hair. Have a look at these steps Read more


    Your Memorable Sunny Holiday Is About To Get Ever Better

  • Which Jelly Is Better?

    It's the ultimate question of what side jelly you are. Time to swing back to the those peanut butter jelly days.

  • Pick 8 Celebrities And We'll Show You A Cute Animal-GIF

    Everyone could use a cute animal-GIF

  • Climate Change Is A Political Issue

    Thousands of protesters participated in the Peoples Climate March

  • Abby Or Jill Pt 2

    Jill needed something to do so she decided that distracting Abby from studying by making a Buzzfeed quiz was the way to go. Lets see who's who round 2.

  • The Most 7 Disgusting Food In The World

    تميز كل دولة حول العالم بأكلات معينة حيث لا ينافسها أي دولة أخرى، وهناك الوجبات المشهورة والمعروفة للجميع حيث استطاعت أن تصل إلى كل العالم نظرا لطعمها اللذيذ، وهناك الكثير من الوجبات الغريبة والغير معروفة والتي تدعو إلى الاشمئزاز في بعض الأحيان إما من شكلها أو مكوناتها أو طعمها أو اسمها أو طريقة طهوها في هذا الفيديو سوف نتعرف على أكثر المؤكولات المثيرة للإشمئزاز حول العالم لا تنسو الإعجاب والإشتراك في القناة ولنبدأ.

  • Pretend You Are A Movie Director And We'll Guess If You Are An Optimist Or A Pessimist

    don't think outside the box, think as if there is no box

  • Ask Me Questions!

    This is my first Q&A on my Youtube channel! Now's your chance, ask me anything you want. It doesn't matter if it's serious, funny, or anything for that matter. Just go ahead and ask whatever you want an answer too. Also, be sure to like any comments below that you'd like to see answered. I'm opening up to a Q&A session, so leave your questions in the comments below and I'll answer them. It can be anything so im already prepared for it!

  • Plan A Wedding And We'll Tell You Which Dog To Get

    Plan a beautiful wedding and we'll tell you which adorable dog to get.

  • Which Is Better: BuzzFeed UK Or BuzzFeed USA?

    Opinion Poll, to see which version of this site is better! UK or USA!


    Here is a plant based salad that combines a variety of wonderful flavors that happens to be so good for you.

  • Grab The Hidden Offers, Coupons, And Giveaway Near You By NearMe.Life

    One of the most wonder thing we keep on searching is the services where we can find out all the hidden offers, deals, giveaways, and coupons which are invisible, obvious. They are not hidden but we are not aware of those. All most every companies reveal their prices online. Then why can’t we reach out to those services? Maybe we can’t search properly or we are not connected to people and daily updates. Most importantly, we haven’t click to the right site. No one has think of this maybe silly but yet a phenomenon thing of our daily life, can’t happen.

  • How Many Of These Tv Shows Have You Seen?

    "When I kissed you, you held your breath"

  • Tips For Best Place To Eat


  • Which Munchie Are You?


  • No More Tears

    No More Tears poem by W. Schumann

  • Tips For Moving Abroad

    the entire process can go smoothly as long as you follow these handy tips:

  • 5 Effective Ways to Get More Out of Your DevOps Training

    Every successful businessman or woman, as well as oragnization, is well aware of the importance of an efficient computing system and resources, to the smooth functioning of their day to day activities. Seeing the opportunity, this business on computer dependency provided, Mind-Majix offers one of the best automation of the deployment of software applications called the DevOps training. DevOps training is a combination of cloud computing services designed to work together to build sophisticated applications. This platform provides high durable storage, low cost computing, as well as high performance databases and tools. It also uses every training engagement as an opportunity to improve and has developed a diverse curriculum, as well as a variety of delivery mechanisms that allow organizations to improve their skills in software applications DevOps training, is not free. For every individual or organization, hoping to undergo or train their staff using this platform, one thing is sure; you have to do all you can to get the most out of it. This poses quite a challenge as a lot of participants are barely aware of how to maximize their training. Here are five effective ways to go about this.

  • The Best Reviews Sites Are Also The Consumer Evaluations Websites

    The most effective evaluations sites are understands as customer reviews websites. They are internet sites which are created on customer reviews. They are able to provide every thing due to it; "electronics evaluations", "computer evaluations", "notebook reviews", "camera evaluations", and "camera reviews ".Did you realize that "product evaluations" and "freezer reviews" are a number of the more wanted following services and products for consumer reviews? Exceptionally enough, there's a way you are able to find out which of the consumer reviews websites certainly provide the most effective ratings. Actually enough, it requires, visiting different site of client opinions that measure evaluation sites. Consumer Search is a ideal exemplory case of a niche site utilizing that spectacular concept. Maybe you have been in the market for something and found your self on an affiliate landing page? Undoubtedly have. You in most likelihood realized it by the stellar 5 star review on the product, and I'm certain that created you anxious about it. Now you tell me, could you be much more ready to consider a product from an affiliate review that claims: This product is the downright the best thing you may buy! There is nothing greater available, therefore come buy it.~ Or certainly would it not produce more sense from a third party who is not affiliated with the examined product whatsoever that claims: This product works, and you will be most likely pleased with the results you'll obtain if you utilize it. It could have a couple of issues in the future it will what it claims The "product comparison" web sites, to find the best evaluations, are for client opinions and the websites you ought to be in a position to trust offering you something such as this: This system has been examined by some body who's an unaffiliated writer and acquired therefore many stars, and "press here" to be taken to the full review. The buyer will undoubtedly be really interested if the opinions website is ready to allow it's items be criticized. That would certainly say one is very positive of it, it is presumed true that the product has shown to be effective and your website is prepared to prove it. The customer could be more appreciative and will know that you're creating all required measures to please them. The website has become one that is trusted and truly becomes a great client opinions website. These customer evaluations websites are truly offering products which have a known market, as a result of client opinions, but possibly other internet sites will also be selling these items, naturally. client needs the truth, not a income pitch. The sites that are generally affiliate evaluations may possibly have worked before, however now the web is really excessively stacked with your internet sites that it is nearly impossible to get a evaluation on anything that's honest. Listed here is the concept to create feeling out of these product critiques sites; The question is: "are they marketing so significantly that the consumer's on guard using their trust? Or do they appear to become a customer opinions website that's created by and for every single consumer.

  • You're Life In Division [Female Version]

    Ever Imagined how your life would be inside of Division? Find out by taking this 10 question quiz.