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  • Everything To Know About Car Audio Systems

    Everything to Know About Car Audio Systems

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  • 50 Reasons To Support Mayor Walsh

    The Boston mayoral election is 50 days away– here's why you should stand with Marty.

  • "When The Levee Breaks, I'll Have No Place To Stay"

    These words that came first from the mouth of Kansas Joe McCoy and later from Robert Plant still ring true, but even more so as of late. From ravaging earthquakes to hurricanes of monstrous proportions, natural disasters are truly starting to take its toll on many different levels.

  • Les Meilleurs Réactions Sur Twitter après Le Passage De Donald Trump À L'ONU

    Que ce soit à la tribune de l'ONU à travers ses discours contre "rocket man" et l'Iran ou bien lors de sa présentation de la "Nambia", Donald Trump n'a pas laissé insensible la twittosphère.

  • Rebonding Mother-In-Law & Daughter-In-Law Relationship

    It is always important to know what to do and especially what not to do when it comes to establishing a strong bond with one’s mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. This is not a difficult task, given below are certain tips that can provide more clarity on how to establish “The Bond”

  • Diplomacy is the only path to Peace

    JOURNALISTE GNS – INTERNATIONALE PRESSE ASSOCIATION DIPLOMACY IS THE ONLY PATH TO ACHIEVE PEACE By Joshua Berlinger, North Korea: Trump’s UN speech amounted to ‘the sound of a dog barking” (CNN)North Korea’s foreign minister has delivered a scornful response to US President Donald Trump’s threat to destroy the hermit kingdom, likening it to the sound of “a dog barking.” Ri Yong Ho, who is in the US for the United Nations General Assembly, said he “felt sorry” for Trump’s advisers after the speech on Tuesday. “If he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that’s really a dog dream,” Ri told reporters outside his hotel in New York. In Korean, a dog dream is one that is absurd and makes little sense. In his debut speech to the UN on Tuesday, Trump vowed to “totally destroy” North Korea if the US was forced to defend its allies. Referring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by a nickname he first used in in a tweet Sunday, Trump said: “Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.” When asked about Trump’s use of the nickname, Ri said: “I feel sorry for his aides.” Though Trump’s speeches typically employ colorful rhetoric, threatening another country with destruction was unprecedented for a US President and took diplomats aback. North Korean diplomats were not present for Trump’s speech. Little chance of meeting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is also in New York, but played down the possibility of a meeting with his North Korean counterpart. Pyongyang and Washington do not maintain formal diplomatic relations and the presence of North Korea’s top diplomat in the US could have afforded a rare chance for high-level, face-to-face dialogue. Tillerson told reporters he did not believe he could have a “matter-of-fact discussion with North Korea because we don’t know how their means of communication and behavior will be.” Tillerson claimed there were signs that increased international pressure on North Korea was starting to bear fruit. He said there was evidence of fuel shortages in the country after the passage of recent UN sanctions, which targeted oil imports among other things. However, analysts pointed out that fuel shortages did not necessarily prove that sanctions were having an effect, as most North Koreans don’t own cars or use fuel at anywhere near the rate of the rest of the world. Anthony Ruggiero, an expert in the use of targeted financial measures at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, said sanctions rarely hit fast. Any lines for gas were “probably more due to the regime stockpiling fuel in anticipation that China would implement the restriction,” Ruggiero, who worked at both the State Department and Treasury Department, told CNN. More meetings Trump is scheduled to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in Thursday, two important US allies on North Korea’s doorstop. They are likely to discuss the sanctions regime, a key part of the Trump administration’s strategy on North Korea. The US hopes that if a global coalition mounts enough pressure on North Korea, it will put its nuclear weapons on the negotiating table. China spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the issue in a phone call Monday, the White House said. Accounting for about 90% of North Korea’s imports, Beijing is seen by many as the key to any North Korea strategy. While China voted in favor of the two most recent UN resolutions against North Korea, Chinese diplomats have called for calm as Trump’s rhetoric has heated up, and editorials in Chinese state media have continued to assail the US President’s approach to diplomacy. “It is time for the US to realize that irresponsible words and actions are backing the DPRK into a corner with no way out, and it would be a tragedy if Trump’s risky game of chicken with the DPRK crosses the point of no return,” read an editorial published Thursday in the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. “Rather than hurl threats and try to pass the buck to China, the US should accept its responsibility, and do more to resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiation.” CNN’s Taehoon Lee in Seoul contributed to this report

  • Best Video Vines Of KingVADER 2017 [PART 2]

    Funny LIT KingVADER Vines Compilation - Best Video Vines Of KingVADER 2017 [PART 2] . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this video! Thanks for watching! Please like, share and subscribe to The Top Vines channel!!!

  • Win/Win Vlog

    A day of martial arts training preparing to fight.

  • Makaron Z Nrokułami I Tuńczykiem

    Mam propozycję na smaczną kolację. Gotujemy makaron i brokuły. Po ostudzeniu brokuł dzielimy na części i dodajemy do makaronu. Następnie robimy sos czosnkowy. Dwie łyżki jogurtu naturalnego, łyżka majonezu i dwa ząbki czosnku. Wszystko mieszamy i dodajemy do makaronu i brokułów. Na koniec dodajemy tuńczyka z puszki w oleju i mieszamy. Można jeść na ciepło i na zimno. Smacznego!

  • Want To Be More Successful? Take Health and Wellness Seriously by Brian Goldenstein

    The most successful entrepreneurs I know work over 12 hours on any given day, it’s how they take their small business into multi-million power houses! Everyone wants to know how they do it. What’s their secret to executing so long? People may expect a supernatural, jaw-dropping, unheard of mind hack discovered in some 2,000-year-old temple that’s only available to the world's most powerful and successful. Others may think “well maybe they just say that and let their assistants do all the work.” But the truth is.. they don’t have any of that. Brian Goldstein is an impressive productive entrepreneur who runs multiple companies. He is busy all the time with clients, business, and personal life situations. How does he do it?

  • Tosty Z Jajkiem

    Dziś przepis na pyszne i chrupiące tosty z jajkiem sadzonym. Jajko przygotowujemy na maśle i rozgrzanej patelni. Pilnujemy by żółtko się nie ścięło, ponieważ rzadkie lepiej smakuje. W czasie gdy smażymy jajko do tostera chlebek. Na gotowe tosty nakładamy masło i gotowe, ciepłe jajko. Smacznego

  • Sofa Sewing Machine

    #204-EP360# double / single needle, computerized controlling decorative stitching sewing unit.

  • Which State Fair Treat Needs To Go?

    Kill one to save the other...

  • English Vowel Emoji Chart

    Did you ever wonder what emoji to use for that one vowel phoneme? Look no further!

  • Best Places To Visit In Pattaya For Honeymoon

    Pattaya is not just about the nightlife you know; there are plenty of places and sights to kindle the romance in your honeymoon. So lovebirds, add these to your ‘must-see list’.

  • Life Lessons From My Chihuahua

    What I've learned after five years with a dog breed I never wanted.

  • 5 Tips For UK Students

    Little tips and tricks to make your time at UK more meaningful and easier.

  • Which Popular Halloween Movie Is Overrated?

    Time to update the Hallo-weekend movie list.

  • 5 Reasons To Love And Visit Seychelles

    Located off the coast of beautiful Africa, the mesmerizing island of Seychelles should be on your bucket list. If you need more convincing, keep reading!

  • Oil Hardening Tool Steels

    Oil Hardening Tool Steels

  • Which Lipton 1112 Roommate Are You?

    because you just HAVE to know!!

  • 5 Fun & Insane Facts About Thailand - Make The Most Of Your Vacation

    Located at the centre of a peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is formerly known as the Kingdom of Thailand and has many quirky facts and historical attributes.

  • 7 Stunning Sights From The Seven Continents That You've Probably Never Heard Of

    You might have thought about traveling the world to see the most famous destinations there are, but have you heard about these unique places? Even the most seasoned travelers might have missed these on their worldwide trek.

  • Romantic Things To Do In Bangkok - Intimate Interludes

    Bangkok is much more than just a fascinating shopping destination. With the colorful local culture, vibrant surroundings and the availability of great hotels and resorts, expressing your love with a dream destination wedding is definitely a possibility in beautiful Bangkok.

  • Are You An NPI Or A PPI?

    Have you ever wondered if you are a Negative or a Positive Polarity Item? Answer these 10 questions and find out!

  • Literally 100 Things You Can Do With Pumpkins

    Hundred percent sure it's pumpkin season. From crafts to clothes the possibilities are endless!