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  • Transportation Technologies Which Will Become Reality Sooner Than You Think

    Innovative technologies aren’t exclusive to the IT and electronics world. Since the beginning of the 20st century, scientists have been developing on numerous transportation technologies which are expected to simplify our ever day lives and allow us to cover more quickly small and large distances. Here are some of the most interesting transportation technologies which are expected to come to light in the upcoming years.

  • 29 Times You Saw The “Gilmore Girls” Cast Appear On Shondaland

    Where you lead I will follow you to Seattle Grace.

  • Which Horror Board Game Should You Play This Halloween?

    Not sure which game to play with your friends this Halloween? Just answer these few questions and we'll recommend the perfect piece for your party!

  • Creepy Clown CAPTURED ALIVE

    A creepy clown is now in captivity

  • Counting Change: Changing Your Life One Change At A Time With Change

    Maddy's Mind vlog does it again in her latest DIY installment!

  • Absolutely Stunning Beaches In Maldives That You Should Not Miss

    Let’s face it; Maldives is only famous for its pristine, screen saver beaches, spectacular Maldives five star resorts, and a teeming population of marine life. But here’s a few of stunning beaches that stand out from the rest!

  • Halloween Is At The Cornor, Can Not Wait To Dress Up

    Days are counting down to the Halloween ( 31th, October), have you found your dreamy dress to be the queen or demon in the party?If your a tracky girl, you can try some cartoon customes; and if you want to probe that you are surely the one can take any styles, you can try like sexy kitten girl or Bonnie suits. Let's take minutes to look back what did our lovely models and movies stars put on themselves before and you would be amazed by their creativity. Kate Moss, as the super model has cosed Cara Delevingne!


    HE LIVES. Someone call JK Rowling. Harry Potter has been found on Tinder and he must be protected before Voldemort finds him.

  • How Cultured Are You?

    How cultured are you so far? Supporting your progress

  • Which Morgan Sharp Are You??

    There are so many sides to our Morgy girl!!! ...but which one are you????

  • The Best Toy For Your Cat!

    We decided to give our Kitten Cocos small gift - rabbit's paw))) Seaside happiness from kotito and child, laughter and joy - all this in our video. Мы решили подарить нашему котику Кокосику небольшой подарок, - кроличью лапку))) Море счастья у котито и ребенка, смех и радость, - все это в нашем видео.

  • Tips Traps & Tricks From The Legal Experts

    Consumers Union (CU) is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to ... Tips & Traps: Secrets from the Legal Experts

  • 7 Reasons Why Melania Deserves Respect

    Over the course of this election, Melania Trump has been subject to mass criticism for everything from her clothes to her accent. It's time to give the potential first lady much more respect, and we're ready to show you why.

  • Be Your Own Type Of Beautiful

    here are a few of my favorite ladies who are showing society what being beautiful really is...

  • A Tribute To Luke Mayfield

    Luke Mayfield life may have been cut short, but he sure left a lasting impression upon us all.

  • 'Tis The Season To Be Spooky

    Time to get your creative pants on this Halloween!

  • Fashion 101: Davenport, IA

    an editorial regarding the horrendous fashion I endured while attended school in Davenport, IA

  • World's Biggest 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Angkor, Cambodia

    Love solving those jigsaw puzzles? Imagine solving 300,000 pieces of big stone blocks to make an ancient temple! If you’re staying at any Siam Reap luxury hotels, ask your concierge for the best routes to get to the Angkor Thom temple.

  • 25 Halloween Jewelry Items That You Need In Your Life

    Because a Halloween costume isn't complete without creepy jewelry.

  • What Incarnation Of Ishy Are You?

    Any Ishy is a good Ishy, but which are you?

  • Why Krissy Hates You! :)

    Krissy hates one is safe #sorynotsorry

  • 'Bossypants' By Tina Fey Review (Not A Cloudy Story)

    Tina expresses her leadership by being thick-skinned and team player. Her many successes consisted of numerous failed attempts. Which made her victory much sweeter because she continues winning in the best way possible, on her terms.

  • Renowned Nobel Laureate Disappears, NSF Investigates Possible Foul Play

    In a strange confluence of events in this period of heightened national security and conspiratorial suspicion, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and radio astronomer Dr. [ ] have brought forth both an exciting discovery and sad news. On the one hand Dr. [ ] and renowned scientist Dr. Frankenstina de GranBranium have identified a heretofore unobserved class of Gamma Ray emanating from the Crabbe Nebula, a phenomenon that has been independently confirmed by observatories in Australia and Puerto Rico. Astrophysicists are perplexed and excited by this new ray, as it exhibits such a high intensity and sophisticated modulation of frequency that suggests it may not only contain encoded information, but it could be from an extra-terrestrial intelligence. On the other hand, Dr. [ ] claims that Dr. GranBranium has disappeared, along with the original observation of the ray and a formula that could decode the ray’s content. These are dire accusations, indeed, being leveled at Dr. GranBranium. As a multi-Noble Laureate, including twice for the Nobel in Medicine or Physiology, once for the Nobel in Peace, and once, just because, for the Man Booker prize in Literature (whose foundation members noted, with regard to her research, that “this sh-t is pretty much poetry”), GranBranium bears a meritorious name not lightly tarnished. However, it is unclear whether the seizure of data and Dr. GranBranium’s disappearance are related – colleagues at the George Washington School of Medicine close to GranBranium report that she has become increasingly distant over the last several months. Dr. GranBranium, pursuing her most ambitious experiments to date into the ability of the human body to regenerate indefinitely, has withdrawn to her private laboratory in Northwestern DC to focus on her research. Nevertheless, the NSF is investigating possible misuse of public funds. GranBranium’s personal assistant, Mr. Greyson Harris, eager to dispel suspicion of the doctor, has invited NSF Investigator Krystal Laymon and a contingent of associates close to GranBranium, for a vigil this weekend in her private laboratory to hopefully shed light on the disappearance.

  • Top 10 Brunch Restaurants In Philly – Fill Your Stomachs And Hearts

    Mark these 10 awesome brunch worthy Philly restaurants on your list - They are not only fill your stomachs but your hearts too! From cinnamon rolls to honey yogurts, be spoiled!

  • 5 Things To Do This Fall

    Fall has SO many fin activities to offer. Here are the top five to make sure you check off this season.

  • 17 Exquisite Honey Desserts That'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    No need to sweeten the pot with this deal.