Bill Brown
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    • Response to The Comment Paradox:
      Bill Brown

      Some comment sections have the option of allowing one user to block the comments of specified other users. The activation of this feature by providers is rare. I recommend it to all providers and commentators. The availability of this feature would go along way towards eliminating the intrusiveness of trolls and other trouble makers. Advice to not take it personally is, in my opinion, b/s. If someone calls me “terrorist loving traitor” then I take it personally even if the person making that “comment” is someone I’ll never meet or even be able to identify.  Moderators who allow their personal views on the subject being discussed to bias their moderating decisions, particularly those who do it while denying they do it, should take the following remark personally. You are the scum of the earth. P.S.
      Buzz Feed is NOT getting access to my Facebook friends list, at least not in exchange for my posting this comment. Jus’ sayin’

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