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6 Command Products You’ll Want On Hand For All Organization Projects

These products work harder so you don’t have to.

1. A broom gripper so your mops and brooms are neatly stored instead of propped in a corner on a dirty floor. They're perfect for maximizing space in small rooms, and they'll also hold dusters, umbrellas, and even flashlights.

The plastic gripper with a broom handle in it

2. A pack of toggle hooks for lightweight organization jobs, like hanging calendars, holiday decorations, lint brushes, cleaning tools, belts, accessories, and more. The best part: They take the place of a hammer and nails so your walls remain damage-free.

3. A spray bottle hanger that'll create a handy-dandy perch for your most used cleaners while also organizing your cabinet — y'know, the one that's cluttered with so many bottles that it takes forever to find the one you need.

A bottle of cleaner hanging on the wall

4. Or a jumbo hook if you're looking for a peg that's up to your heavier-duty tasks. It can hold up to 7.5 pounds, so it's perfect for gripping your step ladder, supporting your curtain rod, or clutching your purse.

The hook holding a step ladder and a broom and dust pan

5. An eight-pack of small white hooks to inconspicuously hang lightweight plants, dog leashes, keys, cooking utensils, loofahs, washcloths, brooms and dustpans, and face masks.

6. A two-pack of brushed nickel hooks because practicality and aesthetically pleasing design aren't mutually exclusive. These sleek hooks can handle whatever job you throw at them and look pretty darn good while doing it. Supporting a small entryway basket? Sure thing! Organizing your measuring cups and oven mitts? Of course! Gripping your purse? Give us something hard!

The silver rectangular hooks holding a shelf filled with mail