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    “We’re pleased to report that Hogwarts grad Emma Watson’s next movie appears to have found a home in Hollywood. ” as Vulture reported earlier this month. Well, folks, Sorry but this just “ain’t happening”. ComingSoon.net talked to Emma’s rep over and phone and according to Emma’s rep ” This is a complete case of mischief-making. An official announcement may come within a week. Perks Of Being a Wallflower was being independently produced by John Malkovich and it was unclear for a while if any studios were interested. Vulture hears that “Summit Entertainment, the home of the Twilight franchise, is in talks to pick it up and plans to begin shooting Wallflower this June.” Despite various reports on Facebook and Twitter, the movie is not filming yet. Gabriel Liotta, who will play Patrick in the film, confirmed that the movie will be shot in Pittsburgh in June two weeks before the Summit via Twitter. Logan Lerman, also confirmed his involvement with the movie. So that is it, folks. Perks is based on the book about a shy teenager who writes letters to an anonymous person about his awkward adolescence. We’re told a formal announcement from the studio could come as early as possible.