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7 Times We Were All Kidding Ourselves

BuzzFeed Comics helping you to live in delusion.

10 Comics Only Servers Will Understand

Do you really need to split the check six ways? Really?

12 Grim Realities Of Life

As told by BuzzFeed Comics.

Good Nice Horoscopes For All Humans.

Scroll through our 'scopes for a nice breather.

8 Comics To Sum Up Your Childhood

♫ I want to be forever young... ♫

12 Delicious Food Comics For You To Munch On

Bag fries are the best fries.

10 Comics About Friendship That Are Way Too Real

"Want to make plans just to back out of them last minute & feel mutually relieved?"

11 Comics That Can't Even

And when you read them you won't be able to either!

10 Comics We Made Just For You

Let BuzzFeed Comics perk up your weekend!

10 Extremely Wry Illustrations About Our Future

"All the feels," tweets my grandchildren as they rub my e-tombstone. Comics by Toothpaste For Dinner!

Neil Gaiman's Comics At Age 16

Hayley Campbell's The Art of Neil Gaiman offers exclusive glimpses into the author's artistic roots and romantic education.

Eric Orner's Comics Capture The Awkwardness Of Life In Israel

On awkward neighborly relations between Arabs and Jews, and shady real estate schemed aimed to gentrify poor Arab neighborhoods.

9 Illustrated Truths About Dads

*Falls asleep on the couch watching History Channel.* Drawings by Toothpaste For Dinner.

9 Signs You're Over Your Ex

Corinne Mucha's "Get Over It!" is a balm for the heartbroken.

4 Extremely Rude Skate Tricks

1,000,000 bonus points in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Comics by Gunshow!

Animal Loneliness: An Interview With Norwegian Comics Star Jason

On waiting 10 years to be discovered, and what it means to make comics today. Plus an excerpt from Lost Cat.

If People Acted Like Political Cartoons

A man labeled FASCISM kicking an eagle called FREEDOM.

The Tech Industry (According To An Eight Year Old)

"Management is a head that eats problems they don't understand." A comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

11 Weird Cat Habits We May Never Understand

Why do they like staring at blank walls so much?? And other questions from Cat Versus Human.

7 Dangers Of Taking Cliched Advice Literally

"I had to kiss a few frogs to find Prince Charming." Uh oh. Comics by Amazing Super Powers!

Why Being A Superhero Is The Worst Job Ever

"Terrible work-life balance. Haunted by crippling guilt for making out instead of saving lives."

6 Hilariously Bleak Comics To Put Your Monday In Perspective

"Winning is a useless ideal due to the inevitability of death."

How To Label Every Trend

Ideas for your next Tumblr music micro-genre by Cat And Girl.

Jaden Smith's Nonsensical Tweets Actually Make Perfect Sense As "Garfield" Comics

Is Jaden Smith just a sad guy talking to his cat? Probably not, but anything's possible.

If Old School Hobbies Had Internet Fandoms

"I'm wearing this to BeeCon, a convention of BeeBros!"

An Accurate, Wordless Comic About Growing Older

Illustrated truths about how aging changes your mind by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

How Everyone Feels At School Reunions

Your classmates: "Oh, I started at Citibank just out of kindergarten!"

3 Problems That Research Scientists Understand

Illustrated truths about lab life.

When Pregnancy Pushes Against Gender Presentation

A.K. Summers' "Pregnant Butch" tells how pregnancy felt like dressing in drag.

This Spider-Man Comic From 1976 Is Actually A Guide To Safe Sex

“I’ll end your plan to trap young people in ignorance, destroying their lives, and threatening their children’s existence!"

How The 'Friend Zone' Can Be AWESOME

"The Friend Zone sounds like a place with lots of hot dogs and trampolines!" A lesson in adult friendship by Dinosaur Comics.

'We Are Comics' Shows True Diversity Of Comics Community

After a string of sexism in April, comics fans and creators build solidarity through a blog.

24 Funny Comics Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

From internet veterans to Tumblr newcomers, these online comic artists will make your Mondays better.

The Most Ethical Carnivores Are Cute-i-vores

How do you eat meat as a moral utilitarian? Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal explores.

12 Thoughts Of A True Lazy Eater

Why food snobs and food slobs should probably never date. Drawings by Toothpaste For Dinner

4 Superhero Stories You Won't See In Theaters

These guys are putting the "er..." in Superheroes. Comics by John McNamee of Pie Comics

A Poem For The Gross Part Of Spring

The smell of thawing poop and dead leaves -- still better than winter! By Dinosaur Comics.

The Most Moving Comic About Returning Home You'll Read Today

Every homecoming story is a ghost story. By K.C. Green.

How To Feed Your Cat

Tip #1: Feed them before you feed your spouse.

If Winnie The Pooh Were Actually Regina George From "Mean Girls"

Starring Winnie the Pooh as Regina George.

5 Ways Of Looking At Vacations

'Vacation' away from what? Cat And Girl explores.

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