How To Wear Your Chest Hair, A Fashion Guide!

Check out King Chest Hair’s thorough guide to chest hair fashion!

2. The Chest Hair Window Tee

A veritable window to your chest hair/soul.

3. The Deep Vee Button-Down Tee

How deep can your vee go? This here is the limbo dance of chest hair fashion.

4. The Open Coat + Button-Down Baseball Tee Combo

This chest hair is sly as the dickens.

6. The Baseball Tee Vee

Baseball tees plus chest hairs go together like peas and carrots.

7. The Checkered Button-Down Deep Vee

You are legally obligated to show at least some chest hair whilst wearing a button-down, ever since the landmark case of “Kentucky Vs. Chest Hair.”

8. The Slight Vee Tee

Perfect for chest-hair-popping.

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