• 1. Mr. January

    Mr. January

    The classiest chest hair you’re ever gonna see.

  • 2. Mr. February

    Mr. February

    Do your girlfriend a solid and get this calendar for her for Valentine’s Day.

  • 3. Mr. March

    Mr. March

    It’s like that old saying goes, “The chest hair of the Irish.” Or is that the luck of the Irish? One of those. Whichever.

  • 4. Mr. April

    Mr. April

    Chest hair is good for the environment.

  • 5. Mr. May

    Mr. May

    April showers bring May chest hairs.

  • 6. Mr. June

    Mr. June

    Chest hair on the beach.

  • 7. Mr. July

    Mr. July

    All American chest hair.

  • 8. Mr. August

    Mr. August

    Dogs have chest hair, too, man.

  • 9. Mr. September

    Mr. September

    School is where you learn how to display your chest hair.

  • 10. Mr. October

    Mr. October

    Sexy ghost chest hair.

  • 11. Mr. November

    Mr. November

    This year, give thanks for chest hair.

  • 12. Mr. December

    Mr. December

    Sexy Santa Rabbi chest hair.