'Eco-Friendly Man-Chests All Year Round' 2012 Calendar

Come Look At My Chest Hair and Green House of Fashion have created an eco-friendly male pin-up calendar for 2012 (see the PDF here, buy the recycled calendar here -- 20% of proceeds go to the World Wild Life Fund). If you enjoy hilariously sexy man-chests, then this is the calendar for you.

comelookatmychesthair • 6 years ago

Where Is Thor's Chest Hair???

Where is Thor's chest hair in Marvel's new Thor movie? This is investigative journalism at it's finest, folks. King Chest Hair, of ComeLookAtMyChestHair.tumblr.com, goes where no man hath gone before in pursuit of answering the question: Where in the hell did Thor the magic Viking god of Thunder's chest hair go? The answers may shock you...

comelookatmychesthair • 7 years ago