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    6 Best Haircuts To Steal From Rachel Green

    It's officially Autumn. Time to get a haircut (and a real job). And unlike iconic haircuts past (think the mullet, the fullet, and the Farrah), Rachel Green's iconic cuts still look amazing, nearly 20 years later. Print this out and get to your local Supercuts, stat.

    1. The "Morning After"

    Rachel's heart may be breaking here, (get it? Break-ing? Because they were on a br- ugh, nevermind...) but her hair never looked better. This chic, blunt-cut style looks as polished today as it did back in 1997.

    2. The Beach-y Waves

    Admittedly Rachel's waves didn't go anywhere near a beach that season, but this hairdo will make it seem like every day's a California summer. Or, you know, a slightly less miserable Manhattan climate.

    3. The "Lobster"

    If you hate shine, bounce, volume and romance, this isn't the hairstyle for you.

    4. The "Baby Bob"

    Pregnant? Pregnant with style, more like.

    5. The "Sleek Side Clip"

    This hairstyle truly defies time, ime, ime, ime. Perfectly smooth, perfectly layered, and the honey highlights aren't too bad either.

    6. The "Tag Attraction"

    Professional yet cute, choppy yet sleek. What's a misplaced file and a lie to your boyfriend when you've got hair this great?