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    5 Monkey Actors We All Know But Can't Name

    We've all seen these monkey actors. So isn't it time we found out their names?

    NB. These are all monkeys. Not gorillas, chimps or orangutans. Let's have some respect for our fellow primates, guys.

    The Ace Ventura monkey


    Real name: Binks

    Species: Capuchin

    The year 1994 saw the emergence of an exciting new star in Jim Carrey. But in his rise to fame he was accompanied by someone a little smaller, and a lot hairier. Not only did Binks the Capuchin monkey wow audiences as Spike in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Little Monkey in George of the Jungle, but years before Jim Carrey started showing off his dramatic rage, he also played a bad guy in Outbreak. Sadly no Oscar nominations followed.

    Marcel the monkey from Friends


    Real name: Katie

    Species: White-headed Capuchin

    Ross' pet monkey in Friends was one of the show's most well-loved guest stars. In fact her performance was so good that she actually managed to convince us that Marcel was a dude. After a run of classic episodes on the sitcom, Katie went on to be mascot of baseball team the Los Angeles Angels. She currently has no plans to reunite with star David Schwimmer. But don't worry, we're developing a buddy-cop TV series that we think they’ll have difficulty turning down...

    The Pirates of the Caribbean monkey(s)


    Real names: Tara, Levi, Boo Boo and Mercedes

    Species: Capuchin

    Prepare for a shock. That monkey you've been watching in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies isn't actually a monkey. It's four monkeys. Captain Barbossa's pet monkey Jack was tag-teamed by Tara and Levi in the first film. But after demanding a pay-rise the greedy monkeys were dropped from the franchise and replaced in the sequels by Boo Boo and Mercedes, who were only paid peanuts. Literally.

    Justin Bieber's monkey

    Via Instagram: @justinbieber

    Real name: Mally

    Species: Capuchin

    Mally's not actually an actor, but instead one of the new breed of monkey reality stars. Rising to fame as part of Justin Bieber's entourage, the whole world was shocked when he was sensationally abandoned at a German airport by the Canadian popstar. Bieber, who still inexplicably has fans, never returned to rescue his former-pal Mally, who confessed in a recent interview that the memories still hurt...

    The Hangover monkey


    Real name: Crystal

    Species: Capuchin

    The most significant monkey actor to emerge since the nineties, Crystal had starring roles in both The Hangover Part II and Night at the Museum. She seemed to be doing pretty well for a monkey, but she learnt a valuable lesson about Hollywood hierarchies when starring in Zookeeper. After seeing the film in cinemas she was shocked to find out that all her dialogue had been dubbed over by Adam Sandler! Them's the breaks, kid...

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