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The Daily Show’s Best F#@king Coverage of Thanksgiving

Prepare for the awkward family dinner, annoying relatives, and Grandma asking why you still don't have a job or girlfriend (I'm working on it, Nana!) with The Daily Show’s Best F#@king Coverage of Thanksgiving.

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Things Not to be Thankful For

If only we could spend our actual Thanksgiving dinners going around the table saying what we're not thankful for this year.

Flotation Vice

Proof that journalism is dead. If we can't trust Al Roker, then who can we trust?!?!

Bush's Thanksgiving Trip

"When it comes to planning, do some."

Thanks for Nothing

Nothing says "festive" like mass turkey slaughter, obesity, and historical atrocities!

Butter Ballin'

The most surprising thing in this clip is that the National Wild Turkey Federation is a real thing.

Produce Pete: Thanksgiving

"It might sound funny, but it tastes....alright."

Much Ado About Stuffing

In all fairness, those pandas are ridiculously adorable. Here are some more for your viewing pleasure.

Mess O'Potamia Thanksgiving

Ah, the good ol' days of the Bush Presidency. It seems like so long ago.