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The Colbert Report's 12 GIFs Of Christmas

Count down to Stephen Colbert’s favorite day of the year with top show moments of 2013.

1. Stephen got lucky with some celebrity friends during this summer’s Colbchella

2. John Lithgow gave Stephen a colonoscopy during November sweeps, and found something suspicious

3. Anthony Weiner’s texts made Stephen uncomfortable

4. The Daily Show called in Stephen to help reacquaint Jon Stewart with America

5. Stephen explained the need for sign language … for the sign language impaired

6. The Colbert Report may have broken The Daily Show's Emmy streak, but Jon Stewart still ended up a winner

7. Stephen finally learned how to ride a bike, with help from Representative Matt Cartwright

8. Someone new began living under Stephen’s desk

9. The Report prepped for Paul McCartney’s interview by updating a famous Beatles scene

10. Stephen's dream to host an angry debate show was crushed by Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

11. Stephen took matters into his own hands when the government shutdown forced a couple to cancel their wedding

12. Stephen gave a special tip to the Domino's pizza drone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Colbert Report!