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Our Favorite Adam Devine Moments Of All Time

We take a look back at our favorite Adam moments from Workaholics, Mail Order Comedy, and beyond.

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You Don't Want to Date Me?

One of the best rejection philosophies ever spoken.

The Boy Scout Rule of D's

Young men across the globe learned a valuable lesson from Adam that day. A lesson about the D.

Arm Wrestling Champion

Because no victory is complete without dramatically putting on a headband.

Adam Sings the National Anthem

Who else would love to see a version of this with the Wizards as the backing band?

Adam Is A Pacifist

Gandhi would be proud.

Special Unit's Unit

Keep an eye out for Adam walking into the camera at 1:17.

Adam Stares Down Reddit User /u/BlueHarmoniums at Bonnaroo

I’m not sure whether to laugh, or run for the nearest exit.

I’m not sure whether to laugh, or run for the nearest exit.

Nerd Alert

Only the coolest dudes can sing acapella with Adam. No nerds.

Are You Flexing?

Adam is one buff dude.


Who could resist that face? Alice.

Dude House

I wish I could be living the Trey life.

Let's Get Weird!

The rallying cry of an entire generation.

Adam on Arrested Development!

“And now, the story of three friends and the one airline that had no choice but to hire them all.”

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Car Chase

I hope he’s ok after those intense stunts.

I Feel Stuuuuppiiidddd

Adam perfectly channels the inner crybaby in all of us.

Two Girls, One Adam

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Is it weird that this makes me want to eat ice cream?

Adam Lets His Anger Out

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. But he’s usually a chill dude.

Those Scientists Better Check Their Hypotenuses, Dude

C’mon scientists. What is this, amateur hour?

Fix You

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Coldplay: Not for bitches after all.

My Face is an Awesome Face

The man’s got a point.

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