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How Not To Embarass Yourself On The Court

Basketball is a tough-ass sport. It's a game of inches and razor thin percentages, and even when you're in the NBA, (aka a human god at the top of his abilities), you're never more than a slight miscalculation away from getting your moment of shame immortalized as an animated gif.

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Wear The Right Footwear


If you're rocking unicycle kicks, you are definitely going to go out like a sucker.

Get The Right Trampoline


Actually, no, this dude is 100% correct.

Don't Go All "Mortal Kombat"


Obviously kicking people in the face is dope as hell, but you got to do that shit on purpose and you got to make sure the person you kick DOES NOT LIVE.

Don't Be A Lizard


If your shit isn't even warm blooded, you need to get your ass back to the rock you've been sunning yourself on, eat some flies or whatever.

Grow Up


Seriously, grow the fuck up. Everyone hates a goddamn toddler, can't even drive.

Avoid The Backpack of Disabilities

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Take it from Brooklyn Nets Reggie Evans & Andray Blatche: if the Lucas Bros invite you to play a game of basketball with the Backpack of Disabilities, run like hell.

Watch More Reggie Evans & Andray Blatche Basketball Fails

View this video on YouTube / Via CC: Studios

Watch them hit the court with asthma, while pregnant, and under attack from the tickle monster on CC:Studios' Super Late Morning Show.