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13 GIFs From The New Season Of “South Park” That Are Too Real

Can you tell the difference between South Park's new episodes and real life? Catch the historic 20th season of South Park Wednesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central or anytime on the CC App!

1. When there was only one man capable of rebooting the National Anthem.

2. Or when Cartman learned an important lesson about the female anatomy.

3. When Randy Marsh's experiences with internet commenters were all of our experiences with internet commenters.

4. When Mr. Garrison was the perfect stand-in for an IRL clueless candidate.

5. With an equally incompetent running mate.

6. And the resemblance was just uncanny.

7. But his opponent still managed to screw it all up.

8. When we got to see an exclusive peek at Kyle's dad making his art.

9. When the cops were concerned about the circumstances of Cartman's logging off.

10. When each nostalgic bite helped us momentarily forget all our troubles.

11. When the entire school mourned their classmate who stopped tweeting…by writing their most heartfelt tweets about her.

12. When Kyle's dad experienced unbridled joy as a result of posting hateful things online.

13. And, of course, when Mr. Garrison offered this pearl of wisdom that's worthy of a motivational poster.

And this is just the beginning. Don’t forget to watch season 20 of South Park Wednesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central!