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Comedy Central Stand-Up: Latino Favorites

From Gabriel Iglesias to George Lopez, Comedy Central Stand-Up has assembled a weekly video collection of the best Hispanic comedians.

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1. Gabriel Iglesias - Chocolate Cake


Dealing with free chocolate cake is serious business. And it can be a stepping stone to maturity.

2. Anjelah Johnson - Growing Up Poor


Every year for her birthday, Anjelah's father gave her a six pack of cola and a box of cereal.

3. George Lopez - Spanglish


You can vote English as the official language, but it will never work.

4. Al Madrigal - Mexican Party Supply


Al Madrigal's favorite place in his Latino neighborhood is the Mexican party supply-wedding-flower-horchata-income tax-mufflers-notary-bouncy house store.

5. Carlos Mencia - Sensitive Economy


Carlos Mencia explains that nothing can be awesome all the time.