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A South Park Thanksgiving

Over the years, South Park has made fun of Thanksgiving -- from the turkeys to the cooking to the history of the holiday. Here are our favorite Thanksgiving South Park moments:

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Ancient Alien Thanksgiving?!?

There was always something weird about the shape of Cape Cod. It all makes sense now!

Martha Stewart Living

Oh, so that's how you do it. Good to know.

Can Opener?

The rare South Park clip that is actually kind of sad.

All for Nothing

Remember, never overestimate a kindergartner.

Turkey Day with Tiger

Can't wait to the see the next gen sequel, "Tiger Woods Apology Tour 2K14."

Mutant Turkeys are Back

Apocalypse via mutant turkeys would be a pretty embarrassing way for humanity to go.

The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

I would totally watch this if it was on the History Channel.

Helen Keller! The Musical

Man, check out those production values!!