A South Park Thanksgiving

Over the years, South Park has made fun of Thanksgiving — from the turkeys to the cooking to the history of the holiday. Here are our favorite Thanksgiving South Park moments:

1. Ancient Alien Thanksgiving?!?

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There was always something weird about the shape of Cape Cod. It all makes sense now!

2. Martha Stewart Living

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Oh, so that’s how you do it. Good to know.

3. Can Opener?

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The rare South Park clip that is actually kind of sad.

4. All for Nothing

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Remember, never overestimate a kindergartner.

5. Turkey Day with Tiger

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Can’t wait to the see the next gen sequel, “Tiger Woods Apology Tour 2K14.”

6. Mutant Turkeys are Back

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Apocalypse via mutant turkeys would be a pretty embarrassing way for humanity to go.

7. The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

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I would totally watch this if it was on the History Channel.

8. Helen Keller! The Musical

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Man, check out those production values!!

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