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7 Vines From The #FrancoRoast

We've teamed up with some of the best users on Vine to show you why you should watch the Roast of James Franco on Comedy Central. Follow @MeaganCignoli, @Clove, @JethroAmes, @YellDesign to see more of their work on Vine.

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1. / Via

Vine Superstar @MeaganCignoli made this fantastic vine.

2. / Via

Four James Francos in a hot tub. It's everyone's biggest fantasy. Thanks to Charlie Love for making this dream a reality.

3. / Via

Get ready to share the burns tonight!

By @yelldesign.

4. / Via

It ain't gonna be pretty.

By @JethroAmes.

5. / Via

Art is hard. #francoroast

By @lilsmoky and Charlie Love.

6. / Via

Labor Day ain't gonna be pretty.

By @yelldesign.

7. / Via

We love this awesome #FrancoRoast Punch-Out vine from Charlie Love.