19 Facial Expressions By Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert To Relive Election 2012

You just survived a 19-month election cycle. Nineteen expressions sum it all up.

1. Mitt Romney Announces His Candidacy

“No! Not Captain Buzzkill!”

2. Donald Trump Drops Out of the Presidential Race

3. Stephen Files His Super PAC Papers

Stephen: “Knock, knock.”
Crowd: “Who’s there?”
Stephen: “Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions.”
Crowd: “Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions who?”
Stephen: “That’s the thing: I don’t think I should have to tell you.”

4. Newsweek Features Michele Bachmann on Its Cover

5. Barack Obama Panders To Latinos

President Obama’s idea to secure the border with an alligator-filled moat sounds familiar and brilliant to Stephen.

6. The Best F#@king News Team Covers the Iowa Straw Poll

7. News Coverage Skips Ron Paul

8. Kristen Schaal is Torn Between Rick Perry’s and Michele Bachmann’s Stance on HPV

On one hand, Rick Perry takes care of Texas vaginas, and on the other, Michele Bachmann argues for a woman’s right to choose cancer.

9. Colbert Super PAC Releases ‘Mitt the Ripper’

10. Jon and Stephen Carefully Avoid Coordinating on Super PAC Plans

11. Hermain Cain Quotes Pokemon to End Candidacy

12. The Supreme Court Weighs In on Obamacare

“It’s not the good kind of mandate where two buddies play racquetball together and then recharge over some burgers, brews and a long steam with absolutely zero sexual tension.”

13. Mitt Romney is Compared with an Etch-A-Sketch

“People think that was a metaphor for Romney being inconsistent, but the Etch-A-Sketch is very consistent. You can shake it all you want and all you’re ever going to be able to draw is stairs.”

14. The DNC Faces a Budget Shortfall

15. Samantha Bee Reports on Abortion Law from the RNC in Tampa

Government is meant to protect the individual liberties of everyone lacking a uterus.

16. Grover Norquist Holds Republicans to Their No-Tax Blood Oath

“The Norquist is always watching, always waiting! Oh, the bearded one is vengeful.”

17. Clint Eastwood Talks to an Empty Chair

18. Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama on Small Business Owners

19. Chaos Builds on Bulls#%t Mountain

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