10 Things You Need To Know About Nathan Fielder

To call Nathan Fielder a small business consultant is an understatement — he’s responsible for some of the most adventurous ideas in marketing history. We’ve recapped some of our favorites before new episodes of Nathan For You return tonight at 10:30/9:30c.

1. Dumb Starbucks

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Take a look at Nathan’s new coffee shop. Maybe they’ll spell your name wrong on their drinks too.

2. Pig Saves Goat

Who knew a pig could be a hero? Nathan’s completely staged video of a pig saving a drowning goat went viral before the episode even aired. Here’s how it all happened.

3. Text Your Parents

When Nathan tweeted out this experiment to his followers, the results were a spectacle to behold. Experience the outrage, and follow @nathanfielder for more of his Twitter exploits.

4. Claw of Shame

What’s worse than death? Life in the federal sex offender registry. The Claw of Shame might just be Nathan’s riskiest plan to date.

5. Poo Flavored Yogurt

Nathan created a daring new frozen yogurt flavor. (At least it’s non-fat.)

6. Blind Date at Quiznos

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With a little help from a company rep, two of Nathan’s employees went on a blind date at Quiznos. Get ready for America’s new sweethearts.

7. Neighborhood Toilet Restaurant

Nathan transformed a restaurant into the neighborhood toilet by giving bathroom access to passersby. What better way is there to work up people’s appetite?

8. Gas Station Rebate

The promotion: a rebate to help a gas station owner get more business. The catch: anyone who wanted to claim the rebate had to climb a mountain and solve endless riddles. It’s an offer recommended only for the truly frugal.

9. Haunted House

What makes a haunted house scary? Being convinced that you contracted a disease from one of the workers, of course.

10. The Hunk

To overcome his fear of women, Nathan created a TV show called The Hunk. Ten women. One Nathan. Many, many awkward moments.

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