10 One-of-a-Kind Tattoos

In their new web series After the After, After Party, The Midnight Beast boys make some pretty awful decisions during a night of debauchery — including one truly regrettable tattoo. In honor of Ash’s ill-advised inking, we’ve collected some of the worst tats we could find. (We hope these people were drunk when they got these bad boys.)

1. Advertising is inescapable these days.


2. Please zip it back up.


3. “Bangerz,” meet Bonkerz.

4. On the topic of out-of-control fans, this woman gives that guy a run for his money.

Via Vice

5. Some truths are self-evident.

Via Dailycaller

6. Cats are bad enough, but a cat’s anus? Come on now.


7. This tattoo is quite a tradgey indeed.

8. Very tasteful, buddy.

Via Perezhilton

9. Talk about a kiss-ass

10. If Ash doesn’t have “Señor Cool Guy” written on his back, how is anyone supposed to know that he’s a cool guy?

11. Witness more consequences from The Midnight Beast’s crazy night in After the After, After Party:

12. Part 1 - Ash’s Story

13. Part 2 - Dru’s Story

14. Part 3 - Stef’s Story

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