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11 Moments When The Internet Is Your Personal Hero At Work

On so many levels.

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1. When it's a late night at the office and morale is low.

Tim U.

The troops need some refueling.

2. When you have a deadline and need a dose of techno to keep yourself awake.

Tumblr/insertawesome-url-here / Via

[takes out emergency glow sticks]

3. When you somehow forget that one junior exec's name and remember you're Facebook friends.

Tim U

It's totally Dylan btw.

4. When the client references a really obscure TV show and you’re trying to relate.

20th Century Fox / Via

"Oh yeah, I saw that...but like a long time ago. Heh heh..."

5. When you're supposed to be working "on location"...but you’re really at your nephew's b'day party.

Saban / Via

[piñata breaks] "Ah, that must just be the AC acting up."

6. When you sent the new intern out for coffee...and now need to direct him back to the office.

Tumblr/Coffee&Shoes / Via

How...did you get here before??

7. When you lost the USB but remember that we live in a gilded future where matter does not matter and all is immortalized in the cloud.

NBC / Via

.doc is but air molecules.

8. When you’re on a call and need to signal to your coworker to stop talking the client's ear off.

Tim U

The client really doesn't want to hear about your weekend.

9. When you can't remember a thing, but realize everything was sent in an email weeks ago.

NBC / Via

Bill From Accounting's extremely long emails can come in handy once in a while.

10. When you find out screen-sharing is a thing.

ABC / Via

What dark sorcery is this?

11. When you’re frazzled at work and need to see your dog immediately.

Hey, buddy!

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