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12 Apps Every Busy Boss Needs To Stay Sane

Even bosses need help being a boss sometimes.

1. Stay focused on the task at hand with Freedom.


Look, the internet is filled with infinite treasures, but at some point you're going to need to get off it and get your work done. Freedom allows you to free yourself from temptation by blocking you from certain types of sites for up to eight hours at a time.

2. Keep track of today's to-dos with

Ever feel like you need a personal assistant? will help keep you on task, syncing all your to-dos across your devices and keeping an up-to-date calendar to help get your life under control.

3. Make sure your address book is always up to date with Addappt.


What makes this app different from your dad's old Rolodex is that when one of your contacts changes their number, Addappt will update it instantly.

4. Manage your expenses with Concur.


As your company grows, your expense reports will get more and more complicated. Setting up Concur can simplify all that, allowing you and your staff to expense travel and invoice more effectively.

5. Keep track of all your sales wins with Pipedrive.


Sometimes it's hard to manage success. With Pipedrive, you can focus on the right clients and do it more efficiently, allowing you to explore your growing network through map view and even reminding you to schedule a follow-up after you close a deal.

6. Get the $$ from clients faster with PaySimple.


Featuring recurring billing, email invoices, and the ability to accept payments from phone, tablet, or computer using a credit card reader, PaySimple is sure to make sure the $$ keeps flowing in steadily.

7. Never again forget a good idea with Evernote.


Have you ever had a reality-altering idea that you completely forgot as soon as you left the bathroom? If you had Evernote, you could have written that idea down and shared it across all your devices to act on it as soon as you get back to your desk.

8. Fight the temptation to go down a politics hole with Pocket.


If you're the type of self-hating news junkie that will put off doing actual work to stay informed, Pocket is the perfect app for you, allowing you to save articles from your browser or social media into your "pocket" for later.

9. Sign, seal, and deliver with DocuSign.


DocuSign is a popular electronic signature app that allows you to get signed approval of documents from anywhere and reduces the amount of paper in the office.

10. Build your squad on the go with SmartRecruiters Hiring App.

SmartRecruiters, Smart Recruiters

SmartRecruiters Hiring App not only advertises your open position, but also allows you to easily access, respond, and rate potential candidates on the go.

11. Go paperless with Tiny Scanner.

Tiny Scanner

A pretty simple app that should make a huge dent in your paperwork. Tiny Scanner allows you to scan documents, pictures, and reports and instantly turn them into PDF files.

12. Move your company on to bigger and brighter things with Boxmeup.


When your business grows, so does the amount of stuff you have. When you decide you have more stuff than space, that's when Boxmeup comes in, allowing you to create a printable container code that when scanned tells you exactly what's inside.

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