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12 Apps Every Busy Boss Needs To Stay Sane

Even bosses need help being a boss sometimes.

1. Stay focused on the task at hand with Freedom.

2. Keep track of today's to-dos with

3. Make sure your address book is always up to date with Addappt.

4. Manage your expenses with Concur.

5. Keep track of all your sales wins with Pipedrive.

6. Get the $$ from clients faster with PaySimple.

Featuring recurring billing, email invoices, and the ability to accept payments from phone, tablet, or computer using a credit card reader, PaySimple is sure to make sure the $$ keeps flowing in steadily.

7. Never again forget a good idea with Evernote.

8. Fight the temptation to go down a politics hole with Pocket.

9. Sign, seal, and deliver with DocuSign.

10. Build your squad on the go with SmartRecruiters Hiring App.

11. Go paperless with Tiny Scanner.

12. Move your company on to bigger and brighter things with Boxmeup.

As you're the boss, we know your business is your baby. Why not give yourself a little peace of mind and have Comcast Business SmartOffice act as your baby monitor, allowing you to remotely watch live or recorded video on any device.