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5 Signs Your Relationship Is About To Fall Apart Because Of Social Media!

Are you an avid social media consumer? Are you in a relationship? If you answered yes to both of these questions you MUST read these signals your relationship may be steering in the wrong direction. The first stage to problems within a relationship, according to Knapps Relationship Model, is differentiating.

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1. Incompatibility

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This is the root of all your problems! You are starting to understand that maybe you two aren't made for each other under a shooting star and omg that sux! This epiphany will shake your resolve and have you questioning everything!

Start talking about how you guys are different instead of alike and that being the root of all conversations.

2. Individuality

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You start to look at yourself separately from your partner and focus on regaining your autonomous identity where we think of "me" instead of "we". You may begin posting to your Insta a whole bunch of selfies in a celebration of your beautiful empowered self! This behavior is empowering you but shaking the foundations of your relationship (bummer!), yielding jealousy, distrust, and doubt.

3. Independence

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Here you start to act on that sense of individuality by acting outside of your partner. You don't need to check in with them every time you want to make a decision. You are a strong individual and you can act independently. maybe one partner may change their relationship status on facebook to "it's complicated" without the consent of the other partner. Uh oh, I see a problem or a fight about to arise?

4. Increased Disagreements

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Disputes and disagreements are the natural result of these rifts in your mutual identity and life 2gether, but on top of that Facebook might be making you fight more!! According to a study done on the effects of technology on romance, cell phones and social media not only contribute to jealousy and extra-monogamous flirting, but also facilitate arguments independently of what the cause was (SPOILER ALERT: it was facebook to begin with!!!).

5. Developing Different Hobbies and Activities / Via

This is pretty obvious. Couples tend to like to do different things sometimes. Who hasn't gotten tired of watching every episode of Clueless with your boo? Sometimes you just want to see what shenanigans Kimmy Schmidt gets into without your partner taking up all that couch space or bothering you about going rock climbing.

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