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How You Know Your Relationship Is On The Outs

Everything you need to know about the circumscribing phase of relationships As you notice yourself growing further from your partner, tensions arise and the downfall begins. Knapp would say you notice irritating things, create boundaries that distance you and your partner or the final phase of this step ignoring the problems. Regardless of the what phase you find yourself in, you know your relationship is slowly but surely on the outs.

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1. You don't talk like you used to

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In this stage, you don’t communicate about important things as much as you used to. Instead of communicating about real issues, conversations tend to avoid topics that will cause arguments. This leads to less frequent and quicker conversations.

Before Technology: Your partner drops you off at the door after a date and decides to opt out of the after dinner deep-talks

After Technology: You don’t have that Wednesday night phone call/video chat for hours on end

2. Ever notice how everything irritates you about your partner?

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Jealousy and suspicion are a great indicator that trust in your relationship is lacking. By starting to nit pick your partners actions, tensions begins to arise.

Before technology: You call him out for walking with another girl to class instead of you

After technology: According to this study, women are generally more concerned about their significant others online activity whereas they are less concerned when it is offline activity, such as dancing with another person. You call him out for liking a post about his ex-girlfriend from 8 years ago new engagement.

3. Your space is definitely not his space

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You no longer want to spend every waking moment with your partner. You decide to go exclude your bae from plans with friends and avoid interaction with him/her over social media. Public messages to friends over social media become more common than public messages to your partner. Your personal space should not be intruded on.

Before Technology: You walk the dog while your partner does the dishes.

After Technology: You stop tagging your partner in cute pictures of puppies and start tagging your friends instead.

4. The passive aggressive comments start to get out of hand

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Both are avoiding conversations about the problem. Asking general questions about weather, food, sports, etc. passive aggressiveness and irritation arises.

Before Technology: Awkward and short conversation about the how sunny it is outside.

After Technology: Sub-statusing or sub-tweeting about the other: “I hate it how other people don’t clean up after themselves #omg #somepeople”. According to this article, expression of their feelings; in this case passive aggressiveness can be shown via status, tweets, blogs, etc. In addition, playing “text games” during this phase in which the couple may take a while to respond or not at all.

5. It's decision time

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The final phase of circumscribing determines if your relationship will end up in the stagnation level. Do you stay or go?

Before Technology: Finally get the nerve to talk to your partner and break the silence.

After Technology: Direct messaging your partner on facebook or @-ing them that you need to have “the talk.” A study showed couples nowadays a likely to take to social media to talk about problems than talk face-to-face.

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