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19 Winter Lessons To Learn From The Midwest

This is a crash course for the seasonally challenged (looking at you California). When you're ready to brave some real winter weather, make sure you stay warm with a TurboDown coat from Columbia Sportswear!

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1. This is an accurate map.

Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed

2. These leaves are a tell-tale sign that real winter is coming.

3. This pile of leaves is not a sign of winter.

thienzieyung / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: thienzieyung

4. Real winter is all about snow.

5. This does not count as snow.

Sean Loyless / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: haggismac

6. This is an appropriate real winter outfit.

Note how it tells that snow what's what.

7. This is not. This is ridiculous.

Note how the snow is making a complete fool of his head.

8. Real winter is about telling ice who's boss.

9. It is not about consuming it.

This ice makes no sense in winter.

This ice makes no sense in winter.

10. Real winter means skating on a lake...

11. ...not on a beach, and not in jorts!

12. Real winter is about melting salt.

Tami Chappell / Reuters

13. Not delicious salt.

This clam knows not real winter.

14. Real winter is about fresh fish.

15. Real winter has nothing to do with fish tacos and a view of the coast.


16. Real winter means it's actually cold.

Fox / Via

17. 60 degrees doesn't count as cold.

18. Real winter isn't for the weak of heart.

19. It's for the Midwest, which doesn't really want to hear your winter complaints this year.

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