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12 Reasons East Coast Winter Is Completely Different Than Midwest Winter

The snow is just, sort of, fluffier... you know? Whatever — cold is cold, so make sure you keep warm with Turbodown from Columbia Sportswear.

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This is East Coast winter:

This is Midwest winter:

And there are exactly 12 differences between the two...

1. East Coasters really enjoy warm winter beverages.

Midwesterners, on the other hand, more frequently go for "hot" beverages.

2. Midwesterners love to warm up around a cozy fireplace.

On the East Coast, meanwhile, people prefer to snuggle up in front of the fireplace.

3. East Coast winter is bitter cold.

Midwest winter would be better described as frigid. (Totally different.)

4. Midwest winter is wayyyy too long.

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Winter on the East Coast, however, is "far" too long.

5. Snowmen are super important on the East Coast.

The Midwest concentrates more on "snowpeople," thank you very much.

6. Snow angels are super serious in the Midwest.

East Coast snow angels? A little more relaxed.
Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images

East Coast snow angels? A little more relaxed.

7. The East Coast goes all out for winter holidays.

The Midwest goes all in for the same holidays.

8. Winter is all about outdoor activities in the Midwest.

On the East Coast, people partake in outdoor fun.

9. The East Coast gets a lot of winter storms.

The Midwest simply refers to their storms as "winter."

10. The Midwest gets a lot of — what they refer to as — "icicles."

The East Coast also gets icicles, but rarely refers to them.

11. East Coasters have to shovel a ton of snow every year.

Midwesterners shovel a "buttload" of snow. (And the ratio of "buttloads" to "tons" is like totally crazy, trust us.)

12. Midwest winter is majestic.

East Coast winter is merely "gorgeous."