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11 Creative Ways To Still Enjoy The Outdoors When It's Cold

Winter usually means you have to stay inside to stay toasty — wrong! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors while staying comfortable, and with Omni-Heat™ by Columbia Sportswear, you'll be able to stay warm wherever you go this winter.

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5. Let your body naturally warm up with a brisk half-marathon.

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Remember when running didn't have a season? Events like the Lake Effect Half Marathon let you reach your best running time no matter how much snow is on the ground.

6. Or dance with a ton of other warm bodies at an outdoor music festival.

messycupcakes / Via Flickr: messycupcakes

Festivals like the Snowball in Colorado have awesome bands, and you can rock out in your fabulous winter gear!

9. After all of this, chill out by your own fire pit grill, cook up some grub, and enjoy your own personal outdoor furnace.

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