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Guard To English Dictionary

A guide defining guard expressions, phrases, and what your instructors really mean.

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1. Giving your rehearsal or performance all you've got.

-"Werk girl! Werk!"

-"He is werking me out with that show face!"




1. A much better pronunciation of the word "yes"; specifically used when a show, costume, performer or choreography surpasses a point of fabulousness that is not covered by a simple "yes". Occasionally accompanied by a snap and/or a hair flip.


You got it!


(yoo got it)

1. Used between performers before a particularly difficult section of a show.

2. Used between performers if one has a break in the choreography.

3. Said out of habit and empathy by audience members who have been involved in the activity when they see a drop, even if they are in the top section of the UD Arena or watching the Fathom Events DCI broadcast in theatres.

4. Used by instructors when they want their performers to try something that is probably dangerous, and that the instructor themselves would never think of attempting.

-"You got it!"

Full-Out Felicia

foo l out fehlIHseeaa


1. To rehearse every count, nuance, and show face to maximum capacity every rep.

-"Every single one of you needs to full-out Felicia this rep or I swear to God, we'll rehearse until the sun comes up tomorrow."

Water we doing?

(wɑːtər wee duːɪŋ )


1. Used by performers very loudly to remind their staff who are lounging in the bleachers enjoying a Coke Zero that they have been in dance block for 3 hours and have not yet been given the opportunity to hydrate.

-"WATer we doing?"

2. Used constantly by that performer who has yet to put forth effort and wants a water break so he or she can text, Snapchat, and Facebook.

-Performer: "WATer we doing?"

-Instructor: "Setting up for another rep because you cheated and marked almost everything!"

One more time

(wʌn mɔː(r) taɪm)


1. A lie.

-"Great job guys! That was literally perfect, so let's do it one more time!"

You're fine

(jər faɪn)


1. Typically used by instructors who do not want to continue rehearsal with a hole.

2. You are currently conscious, and can probably be patched up with all the band-aids in the first aid kit. You can get stitches after the flag hit is clean.

3. Catching your flag "too hard" does not require ice.

-"You had the strength to limp up here to tell me you think it's broken, so obviously you're fine!"

I know it's a show day, but just relax and have fun on the floor!


1. Something a seemingly calm instructor says to their performers before they take the floor to compete.

Synonyms: "For the love of everything that is good and holy, please don't blow up. Seriously. Do you KNOW who's on the panel today??? I will be having a panic attack until your run is over."




1. The reason you will NEVER forget the season you wore it.

-"It's been 4 years! How do I STILL have glitter on my scalp?!?"




1. Slang for Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

2. The highlight of your season, even if you're out after prelims.

-"OMG, we totes have to stay at headquarters for Debbie this year!"

Five Dollar Footlong Jesus


*formerly "Touchdown Jesus"

1. Located off the interstate to the south of the UD Arena.

-"Can we pleeeease stop in full costume and make up and take a picture with Five Dollar Footlong Jesus???"

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