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  • Summit County Colorado

    I’d like to see the people from the first stimulus package that gave all that money to the banks without first insisting on full real estate disclosure and transparency from the banks to admit that they “screwed up”. I think the problem with Obama is that he’s trying to be honest, transparent, and trying to work with everyone when the culture there is to just “screw everyone while I get mine”. I’m proud I voted for him - right or wrong at least he hasn’t taken a breckenridge vacation yet. He seems to be actually trying to make a difference instead of just putting his tail between his legs and following the herd. If there aren’t enough low-rent breckenridge apartments, then they’ll have to double or triple up… or move to a trailer or their parent’s basement. The quicker Summit county real estate listings housing reaches a bottom, the quicker things will begin to go back to the old normal (those good ol’ days when only people with decent jobs, good credit, and low debt who could afford homes could buy a home). Artificially propping up home prices will only prolong the pain. No one can say with any certainty it’s the wrong plan. People have their opinions, but it’s only opinions at this point. The artificially high prices of breckenridge homes was not the homeowners fault. My first reaction would be like yours, kind of ‘tough, deal with it.’ But with the numbers involved, there aren’t enough vacant low rent units to accommodate them. I guess we could start building more section 8 public housing, but that doesn’t sound like a good answer either. Plus, we already have 1 out of 9 Summit county houses standing vacant. Would accelerating this be a good idea? Responsible people who have to move can’t sell their breckenridge houses now in this market. I know it must really hurt you to have to help out others in need in this crisis. Actually, no one really likes it, however, something has to be done to help the economy, help people stay in their summit county homes, etc…. Is this the right plan, who knows, we just have to hope it is. So what? That’s life. Just because someone loses their job and then can’t pay the mortgage doesn’t mean the taxpayers should have to help them out. They can either pay it and stay… or if they can’t pay it, move to the low-rent apartment, trailer, or parent’s basement they can afford.

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