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12 Reasons You're Still Stanning For Josh Holloway

Once he entered your heart, he refused to leave. Roll deep with the Josh fandom and catch him on Colony, premiering January 14 at 10/9C on USA Network.

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2. And when he does the whole "I have amazing hair" thing.

Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images

Silken hair, like the golden thread spun to make the fabric of whatever garments angels wear. Blessed be.

3. And when he looks at things with his eyes and stuff.

Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic / Getty Images

You can keep searching for the one person on Earth who doesn't find you handsome, Josh, but it is a fruitless effort.

4. He's a good ol' Southern boy who prefers a simple life.

Instagram: @officialjoshholloway

Born in California but raised in Georgia, Josh hasn't lost his Southern charm, nor his love for simply kickin' it outdoors with the wife and kids (including the dog).

Josh Holloway. We are glad to see you again.

Now you're stanning. Don't miss Josh Holloway star alongside Sarah Wayne Callies in the new show Colony, premiering January 14 at 10/9C on USA Network.

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