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How To Be A Wingman

Let's face it: we aren't going to be around forever to help you and your friends. You can always reach out to us via email or phone, but we also accept that it's becoming time to pass the torch. With that, here are the most important tips for you to be your own ultimate wingman. We believe in you

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1. Be Confident

You don't want to be cocky, or take all the thunder, but your buddy will feed off of your appearance and energy. If you're feeling confident, he will too, and you will be much more likely to help him out.

2. Compliment Him, But Subtly

It's easy to be very obvious that you're trying to set your friend up, and that is a turn-off. At the same time, you want to boost your friend up. It's a fine line, but just sneak in a few positive qualities about your friend every now and then. Easy.

3. Know When To Leave Him Alone

At some point, your friend is going to have to take over for himself. When it comes time for this, you can't be sticking around. Again, be subtle, but slowly remove yourself from the situation. They'll take the hint.

4. Always Have Your Phone On You

The best wingman is always available. That's why our phone number has a 24/7 hotline. You never know when your friend may need you. It could be advice, it could be help with homework, or even cooking. Regardless, you need to be there for when the time calls.

5. Know When He Needs Help

The best wingman will eventually have to do what their friend does not want. They may be angry in the moment, but that does not mean it is the wrong decision. Use good judgement, and if you think your friend needs to be removed from the situation, be that guy.

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