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What Is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is an online advising tool to help current students enrolled in CUNY colleges. Through DegreeWorks it is easy to access academic progress and courses that are left towards your degree.

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It reports your current GPA, credits completed and how many are left to complete.

In this example the student has 32 credits applied. This includes the credits you are currently taking. He still needs 28 credits to reach 60 credits which is the required credits for an associates degree.

Your Pathways- general requirements

This section will tell you what courses you have taken that have fulfilled the general requirements and what required core you still need to fulfill. He has taken 15 credits and still needs 15 more credits. It will also tell you what classes you can take. This student still needs to do a Life and Physical Science course, world cultures and global issues, U.S. experience and its diversity, and a creative expression course.

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