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10 Facts You Didn't Know About TV College Years

Many of the television shows that we know and love took place while the characters were in high school. However, the bolder shows followed the students as they moved on to higher learning. Here are facts that you didn't know about the college years of different TV shows.

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  • 1. Boy Meets World

    Topanga was originally accepted to Yale University, though she turned the offer down to attend fictional Pennbrook University with Cory and their friends.

  • 2. Beverly Hills, 90210

    While the main characters attended fictional California University in the show's fourth season, the scenes around campus were actually filmed at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California.

  • 3. Saved By the Bell

    A spinoff series was created called Saved by the Bell: The College Years that lasted only one season. The series also portrayed life for the characters at the fictional California University, thinly veiled as UC Berkeley by Zack in the first episode

  • 4. Dawson's Creek

    Joey attended the fictional Worthington University in Boston, where she studied English Literature. She is portrayed having an affair with Professor Wilder, who teaches one of her classes.

  • 5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy, Willow and Oz attended the University of California at its fictional Sunnydale campus. Buffy and Willow both took an Introduction to Psychology class, which they were often seen attending during the fourth season of the show.

  • 6. One Tree Hill

    The popular teen drama decided to go rogue and completely skipped the college years of the show in an infamous four year jump. Flashbacks were used to show the characters attending unnamed fictional schools during the time lapse.

  • 7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Will and Carlton both attended the University of Los Angeles, where the fight song was: "Peacocks, we're marching down the field! Peacocks, we will refuse to yield! Nobody's tougher, 'cause we are rougher! We are the Peacocks of ULA!"

  • 8. Growing Pains

    Mike Seaver attended an unnamed community college during the fourth season of the show; however, he later dropped out to pursue an acting career in New York City. He was not successful and he ended up moving back to Long Island to live above his parents' garage.

  • 9. Full House

    The series ended right before D.J. was set to attend college; however, we did learn that although she was rejected from her first choice college, Stanford University, she was accepted into UC Berkeley.

  • 10. Gossip Girl

    Unlike many television dramas, the characters on Gossip Girl attend real schools, such as New York University and Columbia University. All of the filming so far has taken place in New York on the actual college campuses for both schools.