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    10 Reasons Why Todd Young Is Bad For Indiana

    Because Hoosiers deserve better representation than what we have.

    1. Todd Young has voted to repeal mortgage assistance programs.


    Young voted "Yea" on terminating the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, which provided emergency mortgage payments to families in need. Homelessness is a problem in Indiana and in America as a whole - it's such a shame that Todd Young doesn't seem to care.

    2. Todd Young voted to repeal funding of school health centers.


    The Affordable Care Act mandated that funding be allocated to build school health centers. But Todd Young doesn't believe that students need things like medical care, right? Young voted "Yea" on HR 1214, showing that he doesn't care about students, which is funny since he's from Bloomington, Indiana, home to the largest university in the state.

    3. Todd Young voted to get rid of National Public Radio.


    Young voted "Yea" to eliminate federal funding for NPR. National Public Radio is a program that has helped educate people across the country about what's happening in the United States. Plus, NPR only accounts for less than 0.014 percent of the federal budget.

    Todd Young is upset by "big government spending" but votes to increase military expenditures while trying to get rid of educational programming? Not cool, Todd, not cool.

    4. Todd Young voted to strip funding from Planned Parenthood.


    Young voted "Yea" on "prohibit[ing] federal funds from being made available to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or to any of its state or local affiliates, for any purpose."

    Besides the fact that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, STI-testing and counseling, among other services, they also give women the right to choose. Young voted to restrict funding based on biased, false preconceived notions - we deserve better.

    5. Todd Young voted to repeal environmental regulations.


    Young voted "Yea" on prohibiting the EPA from enforcing or taking action on any regulation related to the emission of "greenhouse gases."

    Since Indiana is one of the most polluted states, you'd think Todd Young would like to help fix that problem. But we suppose campaign donations from oil and coal companies are more important.

    6. Todd Young voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act... multiple times.


    This explains itself.

    7. Todd Young voted to further cripple unions.


    Young voted "Yea" on HR 1120, which "prohibits the National Labor Relations Board from taking any action which requires a quorum." The full passage of HR 1120 would ban the NLRB from appointing new members, holding any votes, ruling on any cases, etc.

    From a state with large steel, automobile, and construction industries, we thought Todd Young would understand the importance of labor representation. Unfortunately for Hoosiers, he doesn't.

    8. Todd Young voted for CISPA.


    CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), if fully passed, would allow private companies (such as Facebook, Google or Mozilla) to give the government private information (such as users search history, chat logs, or photos) about their customers.

    Todd Young loves to say that the Affordable Care Act is an overreach of government power, but then turns around and votes "Yea" to putting Big Brother in our web browsers. In an age where the Internet is used more than ever, we'd think Young would respect user privacy. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

    9. Todd Young voted to cut entitlements over defense spending.


    Young voted for the Spending Reduction Act of Fiscal Year 2014, which spares defense spending and oil subsidies, but slashes entitlement programs, such as SNAP (food stamps), ends child tax credits for certain individuals, and cancels home mortgage assistance.

    America isn't under imminent threat from a foreign state. Our social programs that help the underprivileged are, however. And Todd Young is on the front lines.

    10. Todd Young voted against protecting sexual assault victims in the military.


    Young voted "Nay" on a motion to recommit the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 that would permit "members of the military who are victims of sexual assault or sex-related offenses to specify that the charge be referred to the staff judge advocate or to the Office of the Chief Prosecutor."

    Todd Young has no problem voting to keep our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, but he won't help protect them from sexual assault? Shameful.

    Want to work to get Todd Young out of Washington? Help his opponent, Bill Bailey, become the next Representative for Indiana's 9th Congressional District!