Three Presidential Wannabes Who Want You To Think They’re Cool

#GOPandering (verb) - The act of trying to reach out to millennials while being totally out-of-touch

Three wanna-be Republican Presidents are speaking to youth groups this week. It’s almost like they think millennials will be distracted from the fact that:

2. Ted, Rand, and Marco all voted to block student loan relief.

Because who needs lower interest rates, an average of $2,000 in savings, and less student loan burden? Not Republicans!

3. Rand says he’s never said the words “gay rights” because he doesn’t “believe in rights based on your behavior.”

4. But he uses Snapchat, so…

5. Ted, Rand, and Marco are all climate change deniers.

6. But they’re not scientists, so…

7. Marco Rubio thinks we should ban LGBT adoption because:

[Kids] shouldn’t be forced to be a part of a social experiment.

8. But he thinks Uber’s pretty sweet so…

9. This is what Rand Paul thinks of the Civil Rights Act:

I think it’s a bad business decision to exclude anybody from your restaurant — but, at the same time, I do believe in private ownership.

10. But he wears shorts and mandals (MANDALS!) so…

11. Ted Cruz led his GOP buddies in shutting down the government to take healthcare away from millions of millennials.

12. But this picture happened, so…

13. And Ted, Marco, and Rand all voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

Rand even said it was because it required “borrowing money from China.”

14. So when these folks say they understand millennials:

15. We know they’re just #GOPandering.

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