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12 Serious Tips To Survivng On A College Budget

What does every college student need? Money. We don't have any of that, so have these tips instead.

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1. Eating 101

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When it comes to eating in college, you have little money to work with. Eating is not like a class, because if it was, you'd eat all of your meals the night before. Stick to the basics, eat when you're hungry.

2. New Life, New Clothes

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Get your new college wardrobe! Any event worth anything has free t-shirts and to you that means a new look. T-shirts can become any part of your wardrobe if you are smart enough. Your 5 different pairs of free sunglasses will thank you.

3. Food Pyramid

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A main part of a healthy diet is eating fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods, I know gross right. When trying to eat healthy, first off do not waste your money on delicious fast-food that excites your taste buds. The freshman 15 is lurking around every fudge brownie, every delicious slice of pizza, every single succulent piece of food you see. Hmmmm........

4. Fudge it Instead

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Fresh foods can be expensive, so why even bother trying right? Well if you can find local farm stands and other small markets you may find great deals and make out like a bandit. Also, when shopping in stores don’t be afraid to buy canned or frozen goods even if you may gag when opening the can. Just think of it as your college education, you hate it now, but once your done you will be happy you did it.

5. Change of plans, do both.

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So now you hate your bathroom scale. Time to turn your green into more green. Kale and other disgusting greens are cheap foods that contain lots of nutrients and vitamins, with the added horrible taste. Yay! Watermelons, bananas, and plums are also foods that contain lots of nutrients and vitamins for little money, but taste a lot better than those horrid veggies.

6. Out of shape, skinny or just a fatty? Better hit that gym ASAP

Time runs quickly and you’ll never appreciate that you had a gym membership at your disposal until the day you graduate and realize you have to start spending 60 dollars a month for one. So on your free time, stop watching Netflix and pump those irons!

7. Beef yourself up with some Beef

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To build muscle you need to eat protein, but it can get expensive. I want to help “Pump You Up!”- Hans and Franz look it up.

You’re in college you’re not looking for top quality meat, just find protein and eat it. It is also good to get eggs and canned goods, when trying to save money but eat protein. If you’re still unhappy with your protein intake, try finding cheap protein powder or supplements. Steroids? Yeah because us college students can afford to buy steroids. Yeah right. Totally.

8. The one thing you cant do with your clothes

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Washing...... You’re in college now, you don’t wash clothes anymore. Detergent? Cost money. Washing machines? Cost money. Give your clothes the ol’ sniff test and burn the ones you can’t save.

9. Don't Burn Down Your Dorm!

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Ok so setting fire to your clothes is illegal, and you also really like that outfit. Sprinkle some lemon juice on the stinky bits or bag it with a dryer sheet to turn your worn clothes into fresh clothes.

10. End of the week coming, prepare your wallet.

It's college, and as soon as the weekend approaches all you can think of is what plans you'll be doing; obviously not that Calc midterm you have on Friday.

12. So what can you do(besides cry)

Well, a couple of options are still there for you. Go out with friends somewhere you know you won’t be spending money(nowhere in the Earth) or just stay in your bed watching Netflix until your eyes literally want to kill you.

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