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A Guide To Refinancing Student Loans, As Told By Unbelievably Adorable Dogs

Refinancing student loans can seem daunting. Talking about them with dogs seems less so. Like these kind dogs, College Ave Student Loans is committed to simplifying your student loan experience.

1. Aly asks: "Bark, bark, ruff, bark?"

2. Rosie says: "Bark, bark, blork, ruff."

3. Peach says: "Ruff? Ruff, ruff, ruff..."

4. Peach adds: "Bark, bark — ruff!"

5. Gigi and Frankie say: "Bark, blark, blork, and ruff."

6. Connor remarks: "Brr...shnp...*snore*..."

7. Connor adds, groggily: "Brr...bark, bark."

8. Rocky recommends: "Ruff, ruff, and ruff."

9. Pensively, Hanzo notes that: "Blork...blork, bark...blark — ruff, ruff!"

10. Rocco concludes: "Bark!"

Refinancing your student loans doesn't need to be ruff. See how College Ave can help you today.