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    Why You Should Never Stay In A Hotel

    Perhaps you should just stay with relatives after all.

    Hotels are great, right?


    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

    Dead wrong.

    Courtesy of Revielle Productions / Via

    Because it's a fact that hotels use those heinous floral bedspreads to hide stains.

    And white duvet covers are only washed when there are OBVIOUS stains. / Via

    Housekeepers are instructed to eyeball duvet covers and wash them only when there are stains, rather than washing them after each guest visit.

    And some stains they never bother to wash at all.

    Which is a problem when studies show that there is semen and urine in almost EVERY. SINGLE. HOTELROOM....

    ...In addition to the E.Coli that has been found on 81% of the surfaces in hotels. / Via

    We're talking poop on the phone, on the remote control, on the beside lamp, on your sleeping face...

    All of which makes people sick because 80% of infections come from touching germ-infested surfaces...

    ...That get "deep" cleaned in hotels only four times a year.

    And that's not cool because god only knows what's going on in hotel rooms...

    For instance, eight dead bodies have been found under hotel beds in the last 30 years... / Via

    Always take a peek!

    ...And hotels are now offering sex packets. / Via Flickr: marcelgermann

    Aka, The Shag Bag.

    ...AND 50% of hotel patrons watch the pay-per-view porn.

    All of which would be bad enough but 67% of bed bug infestations happen in hotels.

    And a study has found that the walls are even dirtier than the beds...


    Just kill me.

    But don't even try to drown your hotel sorrows because housekeeping doesn't actually wash the glass cups. / Via

    ABC even went undercover to prove this sneakery.

    And everyone is like, "You get what you pay for..."

    But it's not true because all hotels are gross.

    Or sketchy.

    Or scary in some way.

    Even though they're super fun.