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    13 Fictional Horses You Wouldn't Want To Eat

    If your appetite for Swedish meatballs is greater than your appreciation for these horses then you're a lost soul and no one can help you.

    13. Flicka in "Flicka"

    Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    Meatball or no meatball, you don't eat the horse of a girl who is just trying to prove herself to her family.

    12. Boxer in "Animal Farm"

    Boxer once said, "I have no wish to take life, not even human life." If you eat a horse like this you're literally the worst kind of a person ever.

    11. Silver in "The Lone Ranger"

    Courtesy of Wrather Productions / Via

    This horse meat is vintage, and you don't eat vintage. Hi Ho Silver!

    10. Starlite in "Rainbow Brite"

    Courtesy of DiC Enterprise / Via

    You might actually get really sick if you eat this horse. You might also be a total douchebag.

    9. Hidalgo in "Hidalgo"

    Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures, Casey Silver Productions, Dune Films / Via

    How could Viggo look this hot if you ate his horse? He couldn't, so don't do it.

    8. Spirit in "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

    Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation / Via

    This horse was nominated for an Oscar. Would you put Daniel Day Lewis in a meatball? ....Well, maybe.

    7. Mr. Horse in "Ren and Stimpy"

    Games Animation / Via

    There's actually a chance that Mr. Horse wants you to eat him, but it's definitely not a good idea.

    6. Pokey in "Gumby"

    Courtesy of Clokey Productions / Via

    If you don't think that Gumby would cut you if you ate Pokey, think again.

    5. Shadowfax in "Lord of the Rings"

    Courtesy of New Line Cinema / Via

    If a Nazgul can't take Shadowfax down then neither can Ikea!

    4. Bullseye in "Toy Story"

    Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

    You've got a friend in me, Bullseye!

    3. Mr. Ed in "Mister Ed"

    Courtesy of The Mister Ed Company / Via

    Mr. Ed is way too mischievous to be eaten. I hear he's also related to Sarah Jessica Parker (jk, SJP I love you).

    2. Pegasus in "Hercules"

    Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    Pegasus, who is thousands of years old, wouldn't even understand what a Swedish meatball is.

    1. Black Beauty in "Black Beauty"


    This is the ultimate horse. This is the last horse you should ever want to eat. This horse is just so much more important than you in every way. This horse should probably be eating us.



    Because horses just wanna have fun!!

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