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    13 Fictional Horses You Wouldn't Want To Eat

    If your appetite for Swedish meatballs is greater than your appreciation for these horses then you're a lost soul and no one can help you.

    13. Flicka in "Flicka"

    12. Boxer in "Animal Farm"

    11. Silver in "The Lone Ranger"

    10. Starlite in "Rainbow Brite"

    9. Hidalgo in "Hidalgo"

    8. Spirit in "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

    7. Mr. Horse in "Ren and Stimpy"

    6. Pokey in "Gumby"

    5. Shadowfax in "Lord of the Rings"

    4. Bullseye in "Toy Story"

    3. Mr. Ed in "Mister Ed"

    2. Pegasus in "Hercules"

    1. Black Beauty in "Black Beauty"