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3 Shows That Won't Break The Bank In NYC This March

Tired of losing the Hamilton lottery every weekend? Today TIX got you down with their $89 Wicked tickets? Still saving for an evening at the McKittrick Hotel? Don't worry, NYC is full of amazing shows from unique theaters that won't break the bank! Check out these three awesome shows playing in March that will leave you with some extra moolah for after show drinks ;)

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1. "Whales" by Hit the Lights Theater Co.

Hit the Lights Theater Co. / Via

Inspired by the story of the legendary white whale we all remember from the closing lines of "Matilda," "Whales" promises to be a theatrical experience like none before. Boasting a home grown show filled with shadow puppets, vintage projectors, and a punk scum house band, "Whales" is not to be missed (especially at a mere $25 a ticket!). Not to mention all of the whale emojis you'll get to use in your Instagram posts 🐳🐳🐳

When: March 23rd - April 2nd

Where: The Hive - Brooklyn

Buy Tickets Here

*Bonus*: Look out for an in house bar filled with all of the naughty ~nautical~ drinks your heart desires.

2. "Nibbler" by Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater / Via

If you've been looking for the perfect mash up of "One Tree Hill" and "X-Files," it looks like you won't have go to much further, folks. As a dark, musical comedy, "Nibbler" will allow you to relive those bright eyed teenage dreams with a twist of the supernatural you always knew existed. It sounds a little out there, but who can resist a little dark teenage melodrama, mixed with some nascent supernatural horror, all wrapped up under the guise of a satirical masterpiece? Okay, so it may be more of a risk, but at $32 a ticket (and a discount if you're a student!) it might just be worth it.

When: Feb. 23 - March 18

Where: 224 Waverly Place

Buy Tickets Here

3. "Sundown, Yellow Moon," at Ars Nova

Ars Nova / Via

Recently dubbed as a "fertile incubator of off-beat theater" by the New York Times, Ars Nova seems to be producing shows that will keep both your mind and bank account stimulated. This self described ethereal, honest and funny-sad, musical play looks to be contributing to their off-beat rap, and I'm getting all the feels just by looking at that celestial poster. Maybe bring some tissues to this one?

When: Feb. 28 - April 1

Where: McGinn/Cazale Theater (Broadway between 76th & 77th St.)

Buy Tickets Here ***make sure to use the coupon codes to get $20 & $25 tickets for the first two weeks***

*Bonus*: Their website is already advertising an immersive KPOP musical theater experience that will open in the fall, and tbh I can't wait to live out my Girls Generation dreams. βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘―

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