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8-Year-Old Skateboarding Phenom’s Routine is Amazing to Watch

She just became the youngest girl to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series.

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Meet 8-year-old Sky Brown.

awsmkids / Via Instagram

Sky, who is from Miyazaki, Japan, has been growing into quite the star in the skateboarding world over the past couple years.

awsmkids / Via Instagram

Just a few weeks ago, Sky became the youngest girl to skate in the Vans US Open Pro Series in Huntington, Calif., where the best of the best go to showcase their talents.

Even the announcers could not believe what Sky — who had turned 8 just days before the competition — is capable of doing.

"Look at that! That is so gnarly," one of the commentators said about her second trick. "She can stop now and I'd already be so impressed. Seriously though, half the guys — half the pros that are in the park, half of the pros that are skating on Friday — can't do that trick."

Here’s the full routine Sky performed at the Vans competition:

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AWSMKIDS / Via YouTube

"Sky was so Honored to just be there, She has been watching and frothing on the womens contest (surfing too) every year since she can remember.. and to be able to skate in it, and be the youngest girl to have ever skated it, was a real precious treasure in her life," Sky's dad wrote on the family's YouTube account. "...She just was Sooo happy to skate with her favorite PRO skaters. and skate that awesome Park for those few runs.. What an Amazing experience."

Sky has always loved skateboarding.

"I've been going to skate parks with my dad ever since I can remember. (It's) always been way more fun for me than regular parks," Sky said in an interview with the skateboarding site Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word back when she was 6. "I just prefer ramps and bowls to swings and slides — they are just so much more fun."

Sky is not the only prodigy in her family, though. Her 4-year-old brother, Ocean, is also a really talented skateboarder.

awsmkids / Via Instagram

The two share an account on both Instagram and YouTube -- which their parents run. You can check those out to see even more videos and pictures of the duo landing awesome tricks.

awsmkids / Via Instagram

Plus, the two also surf.

awsmkids / Via Instagram

Sky hopes to enter surfing contests in the near future, so we might see her breaking more records not just on the ramp, but also in the ocean.

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