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Mar 2015
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  • colleenb46a412af5's avatar

    colleenb46a412af5 commented on Show Us Your Kitten To Cat Transformations

    My beautiful babies were rescued with a litter found underneath a boat, affectionately referred to as "The Boat Kittens." Now, Mr. Poe (left) and Mina (right) are turning 5 years old! They're the light of my life!

    3 years ago

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    colleenb46a412af5 commented on What's The Kindest Thing Your Significant Other Has Ever Done For You?

    My boyfriend makes our coffee almost every day, and each morning when he leaves before me for work, he makes mine just how I like it and puts it right by the door, waiting for me to grab when I come through like a tornado to run to work. It's a little thing, but it's just so thoughtful.… 

    4 years ago

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    colleenb46a412af5 commented on Show Us Your Mental Health Inspired Tattoos!

    I had this tattoo done to remind me that I'm "resilient," that I am capable of overcoming anything. I suffered from anorexia in high school, but I recovered to be stronger than ever. Now I love my body, and I know I can rise above whatever I go through.

    5 years ago

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