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    • colink10

      The 2012 Primaries forced Romney to engage with Social Issues when he wanted to talk about The Economy. However, he did get to talk about The Economy in the General Election cycle and he hurt his chances doing that as well. Normally, when Unemployment is high and wages are stagnant for most, the incumbent (In this case Obama) pays a political price and yet, Romney managed to defy that law of politics. The GOP obsession with austerity, blaming the unemployed for high unemployment, demonizing poor people and even spitting on nearly half of working adults (The “47%” comments were about people with jobs).  In short, if you hate black people, Hispanic people, single women, gay people, young people and poor and middle class white people, expect to lose high-turnout, nationalized elections. The GOP can only do well if some of those groups are not allowed to vote.

    • colink10

      For #7, I doubt that most scientists are running a long con on the public. I have every reason to believe that General Electric, Goldman Sachs and others were poised to enrich or rather further enrich themselves by manipulating governments’ reactions to climate change. In 2009, when Cap and Trade seemed like a done deal, Goldman knew that its political influence would secure rights to carbon credits and it was informally pricing them up and down Wall Street. The same people who crashed the economy would get to own the air and charge a fortune for using it.

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