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22 Struggles You Face When Returning From Study Abroad

"Do I even go here?"

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1. The first cut is the deepest: realizing you can't go to bars anymore because of the drinking age.

2. On the second day of class you realize you're still jet-lagged.

3. Which you'll use as an excuse for showing up late on the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth days of class.

4. You'll find yourself saying "thank you" to a cashier in a language that isn't English.

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5. And also try to pay without calculating tax... in the wrong currency.

6. You feel almost like you have to reintroduce yourself to friends you haven't seen in months...

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7. ...because they've all changed their majors twice and started new relationships.

8. Also, they've entered the part of college where you actually HAVE "relationships."

9. It feels like you've been away from campus for years instead of months.

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10. You find yourself saying "when I was abroad" far too often.

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11. And no matter where you went, everyone can expect to see #tbts for months.

12. There are a bunch of new people in your dorm that you've never met before.

13. Maybe you'll get along... BUT MAYBE YOU WON'T.

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14. Your extracurriculars are now run by completely different people.

15. People try to talk to you about events that happened while you were away.

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"Do you remember that party where the one guy did the thing?"

16. You can't just take a weekend to visit another country...

Road trip: Canada?
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Road trip: Canada?

17. ...because now you have homework that actually involves work.

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18. You'll have to slowly readjust to the great culinary traditions of your homeland.

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19. And rediscover your favorite study spots.

20. And get back in touch with some old friends.

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21. You'll settle into your routine again soon enough.

22. It makes sense that things seem a little different at first, because you're a little different too.

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