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    22 Things Every NaNoWriMo Writer Will Understand

    Only 23 days to go!

    1. If you started NaNoWriMo thinking that every day would look like this, somebody lied to you.

    2. You're sticking to what you know so you can write 50,000 words of it.

    3. You struggle to not be a perfectionist because a first draft is about letting go.

    4. You find a single spot to write in and stick to it.

    5. At least, until the distractions arrive.

    6. The NaNoWriMo website is oppressively optimistic about your work.

    7. Almost any moment can be filled with writing, which you kind of enjoy (at first).

    8. By mid-November you're wondering if a coffee IV is a legitimate thing, not just a joke.

    9. All of your friends think your main character is you but IT TOTALLY ISN'T YOU GUYS!

    10. You need a clear plot outline or you'll end up writing about a speck of dust for 4 paragraphs.

    11. Even if you had a rocky start, if you write enough eventually ~the magic happens.~

    12. As far as a social life is concerned, you've kind of given up.

    13. Somebody is always overachieving by blogging at the same time.

    14. No matter how rough your draft is, you're still secretly hoping it's the next Harry Potter.

    15. You've thought of copy-pasting part of a different project into your novel just to meet the word count.

    16. You take solace in the NaNoWriMo community during your inevitable writer's block.

    17. By the end of the month, you feel as though you've been working on your novel forever.

    18. People who finish early engage in the time-honored tradition of the humblebrag.

    19. "Well, I guess it's a novella!"

    20. No matter what happens, you'll at least have the caffeine-addled memories.

    21. Finally finishing your novel is an incomparable feeling you've been waiting for all year!

    22. Now you just have to figure out what to write next.