35 Reasons Living In New York City Ruins You For Life

    The birthplace of pizza. No no, don't argue.

    1. You're used to crossing the road even when cars are coming because YOU STOP FOR NO ONE.

    2. There's no urban getaway quite like the Highline.

    3. Nor a lunch deal as amazing as the local halal cart.

    4. Even if you can't afford high-fashion prices, window-shopping can be an adventure all on its own.

    5. Central Park is beautiful at any time of the year.

    6. You're able to see amazing street art in every corner...

    7. ...paintings at the MoMA that everyone else only gets to see in textbooks...

    8. ...and the newest, hippest art at the galleries in Chelsea.

    9. There are so many iconic locations that you basically live inside your favorite TV show.

    10. Instead of watching your favorite shows on Netflix, you can actually go see them in person.

    11. And braving the crowds of Times Square is worth it just to see that one musical.

    12. You're always a half a block away from an amazing coffee shop.

    13. You can find any kind of food, from artisanal takeout...

    14. ... to the pizza at Grimaldi's...

    15. ... to ramen (and NOT just the kind that comes from a package).

    16. The best part of your day is basically any time you glance out the window.

    17. You can go see one of the best baseball teams of all time, any time.

    18. If you're more in the mood for a basketball game, then Barclays Center is THE spot...

    19. ... and you can hang around in Brooklyn after the game for a local beer.

    20. You're minutes away from some of the most iconic jazz clubs in the country.

    21. And with endless affordable music, improv, and open mic spots, there's almost never an excuse to stay in.

    22. Public transportation runs around the clock, and you don't realize the convenience until you move somewhere else.

    23. You'll never get over going to a party on someone's rooftop and having the best part be the view.

    24. NYC is a place that welcomes people just as they are.

    25. NYC street style is always on fleek.

    26. Always.

    27. On.

    28. Fleek.

    29. You'll never find a used bookstore as well-stocked as The Strand.

    30. Or a better place to read than the New York Public Library.

    31. No bagel will ever top an NYC bagel. EVER.

    32. The Brooklyn Bridge is still breathtaking, even if you've lived in the city for years.

    33. New Yorkers, contrary to some urban legends, are some of the friendliest people you're likely to meet.

    34. And you know that ultimately New Yorkers have a lot of heart.

    35. And that's why no matter where you go, the city will always be your home.